bugged out kicking system

  • hey, too often the kick system bugs out and suggests to kick the wrong party member. its been happening again for 3 days in a row for me. very frustrating because it ends up kicking the wrong person or ur unable to kick the person who you wish to at all. why does this happen and why has it been an issue for so long ?

  • No clue why this bug exists

    to make sure you accept kicking the right person, check the party-alerts chat.

    there you can see who is really going to be kicked.

    and yes, it´s really annoying and time consuming to convince others that the vote is for the "right" person

  • Nothing related to the shop no fix for you sadly.

    back to the topic ;

    this bug exist in the game almost 1 year now and it hit duo queue players mostly so i suggest you to relog each queue pops to avoid the game bug kick that gameforge and the other koreans BHS won't fix.

    about the player that you want to kick : if you are in raid , move that player toparty one so you can kick him from there because that bug give random player in party one only

    if you want to kick one player in a party of 5 players , all the rest of 4 need to relog one by one sadly.

    there is tons more bugs . example merchants in ( allemantheia & kaiator , selling velika regions scrolls like pora elinu and chebika instead of the actual towns .. but w/e shop is fine so no one cares)

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