Leveling Dungeon Drops

  • Leveling a new character I'm at 5 dungeons in a row and counting without a new weapon. Being 1 weapon behind makes it hard enough to contribute since you won't crit, but 5? I can barely even tickle the dungeon mobs, let alone the bosses.

    Considering how fast leveling goes these days, could you maybe make class appropriate weapons a guaranteed drop in leveling dungeons? It just adds insult to injury when I wind up with 6+ weapons for classes that aren't even in our party, and nothing I can use.

  • There was a point around 1 or 2 years ago where you got enought tokens to get the full set of gear you needed for the content you were running. I dont know why they changed that. As you said you could end up with gear 18 levels lower than your current progress and its ridiculous that a dungeon drops gear for other classes that are in the run.


  • Well, as an update, I'm up to 12 dungeons in a row and still counting with no weapon; I got to level 65, so who knows how far it will still go. I walked into Ebon Tower with a level 38 weapon. Thankfully they give you a garbage level 59 weapon when you get to level 60 and even though it couldn't crit it still quadrupled my damage.

  • So it occurs to me after going through another 4-in-a-row-with-no-weapon drought to finish getting another character to 65, why can't they just put weapon smart boxes in the token shops with the armour pieces? They wouldn't have to mess with drop tables or anything like that, and those smart boxes should already be in the game code somewhere because we used to be able to buy them for vanguard credits.