Event: Battle Pass – Season 9

  • Complete missions, fill your Battle Pass and unlock different reward levels – earn recognition for your dungeon runs, battlegrounds, cooking and other skills in this event.

    Complete different missions each day and earn Battle Points in reward. You can take your BP to Master Iaito in Highwatch and exchange them for ever better reward chests, up to the fabulous Ultimate Chest.

    Whoever successfully completes the season will get a **Lethal Intent Potion** from the final rewards chest. This can be used repeatedly for 30 days to produce a magical and sinister fog effect around you.

    Event Period

    The event runs until **1st June 2021** (10 AM CEST, 4 AM EDT).

    Starting Missions

    Each day you’ll receive a mission briefing one minute after logging in for the first time. This will contain 4 random dungeon missions, one random solo mission, one crafting mission, plus a ticket for a battleground or dungeon mission of your choice. Each mission is embodied by an item in your inventory which will remain in your possession for up to 12 hours.

    You can receive additional missions at the weekend for your time online. During the week, you’ll receive extra Battle Points instead.

    Completing Missions

    To complete a dungeon mission, you require a token from the respective dungeon. Each final boss will drop one token per party member, i.e. you’ll need to complete the dungeon just once. Collect your token from the boss and then right-click to complete the mission. You’ll earn BP in reward. The same applies for battleground missions.

    Solo missions can be completed in the same way. In this case, however, you earn the tokens from Vanguard Initiative quests instead of from the dungeon boss.

    Right-clicking on crafting missions opens a window in which you’ll need to drag the amount of silex, meals or plates. Once you’ve done that, the mission will be complete and you’ll receive your BP.


    The BP you earn can be converted into reward chests from Iaito in Highwatch. Each chest (with exception of the Ultimate Chest) contains a reward and returns the BP used to open it. That means your BP level remains unchanged and you don’t have to start back from scratch after each chest. You can only receive each chest once.

    Iaito also has a selection of golden reward chests available. These work exactly the same as the regular reward chests, except that you need a **[Battle Pass] Gold Key** from the TERA Shop to open them. This key will open all the golden reward chests without being consumed, so you only need the one key to open all the chests.

    Once you’ve collected all the rewards, you can convert your BP into an Ultimate Key, unlocking further bonuses. More details can be found further below.

    Inside the Reward Chests

    * [Battle Pass] Reward I: 5x Common Card Fragment Box

    * [Battle Pass] Reward II: 5x Astonishing Steamed Kirash + 5x Refreshing Steamed Kirash

    * [Battle Pass] Reward III: 1x [Event] Veteran Fire Demon’s Tome

    * [Battle Pass] Reward IV: 1x Haste Coin III (30 Hours)

    * [Battle Pass] Reward V: 10x Legacy Essence

    * [Battle Pass] Reward VI: 1x Care and Use of Your Blueberry Pocket Dragon

    * [Battle Pass] Reward VII: 20x Mystery Market Coin

    * [Battle Pass] Reward VIII: 5x Unstable Soul Option Change Scroll Token

    * [Battle Pass] Reward IX: 1x [Event] Veteran Fire Demon’s Tome

    * [Battle Pass] Reward X: 10x Uncommon Card Fragment Box

    * [Battle Pass] Reward XI: 1x 1,200 Adventure Coin

    * [Battle Pass] Reward XII: 1x Magic Astromancy Hat + 1x Horned Astromancy Cap

    * [Battle Pass] Reward XIII: 1x TERA Club Membership (3 Days)

    * [Battle Pass] Reward XIV: 1x Lethal Intent Potion (30 Days)

    Inside the Golden Reward Chests

    * [Battle Pass] Gold Reward I: 1x Astromancy Cloak

    * [Battle Pass] Gold Reward II: 2x 1,200 Adventure Coin

    * [Battle Pass] Gold Reward III: 100x Magic Ingot

    * [Battle Pass] Gold Reward IV: 15x Uncommon Card Fragment Box

    * [Battle Pass] Gold Reward V: 1x Care and Use of Your Ravenous Liquorice Pocket Dragon

    * [Battle Pass] Gold Reward VI: 1x Enhanced Duranium Medallion

    * [Battle Pass] Gold Reward VII: 5x Adventure Completion Ticket

    * [Battle Pass] Gold Reward VIII: 1x Smart Box: Cosmic Ray Weapon Skin

    * [Battle Pass] Gold Reward IX: 10x Rare Card Fragment Box

    * [Battle Pass] Gold Reward X: 5x Trade Chest: Serghetto’s Gear Protector (100%)

    * [Battle Pass] Gold Reward XI: 5x Soul Greedhead’s Option Change Scroll Token

    * [Battle Pass] Gold Reward XII: 5x Enhanced Duranium Medallion

    * [Battle Pass] Gold Reward XIII: 3x Infinity Coin (5 Hours)

    * [Battle Pass] Gold Reward XIV: 1x Smart Box: Paragon Astromancer

    The Ultimate Key

    You can still receive bonus rewards after opening all the reward chests by converting your BP into an Ultimate Key. This can be used to open Ultimate Chests which Iaito will give you for 1,000 BP.

    Just like the Gold Key, the Ultimate Key is not consumed on use, so you can continue opening chests as long as you have enough BP. Each Ultimate Chest contains 100 Ultimate Coupons which can be exchanged for awesome bonus rewards. Owners of a Gold Key get an extra bonus, as they can also open the box inside each Ultimate Chest containing another 100 coupons.

    If you convert your BP into an Ultimate Key too early – meaning that Iaito still has unopened reward chests for you – he can give you a Key Grinder which will break your Ultimate Key back down into the full amount of BP.

    Event Items Exclusive to the Tikat Shop

    If you want to make the most of the event, you can visit the Tikat Shop and buy [Battle Pass] 300 BP or [Battle Pass] Selection Dungeon Tickets to get more missions to complete. Neither of these items can be traded.


    The items belonging to the current season will be deleted before the next season starts, so please use them before this time. This does not affect rewards received (e.g. Ultimate Coupons).