My experiment and observation test about the dps meter during my free time this weekend.

  • Good day this is my alt account for now it seems i couldn't login to my main acct - "batangdalagita" or needed a much longer time frame just to be able to login in this forum.

    To what i notice before even a player choice character selection is even made, the dps meter is already loaded upon pressing play in the client so it's a some sort of a small executable tool within the gameforge launcher.

    Once a character selection is made and loaded ingame the dps meter act some sort of a hud afterwards. (Notice) only there are some sort of slight thing the dps meter is doing and mistaken things happening ingame. Also to my own point of view the dps meter seems to look like a battleground pvp arena scoreboard to where it not just counting dps but also counting kills, damage and hits at the same time. But i'm not certain. Also why is it too graphical? instead of just a simple text loading in system chat like it suppose to be since it's just suppose to only count dps (both ways) your character attack dps or the monster or boss attack damage hits dps or a opponent player damage dps and nothing else.

    Like after the character selection once your character have loaded ingame. (only example your character fell from a short height after loading ingame) the dps meter will gives an error mistaking your character got hit by something even it's not. Also if a player is in a large party like i said it look like a scoreboard and not a dps meter suppose to be. Problem only once the party have been made since the dps meter load automatically if one or two party members turn off there dps meter once inside the party the whole party will suffer, Because the dps meter have already been loaded they will got an error and will unable to free and disband from there party from my observation. Cause the hud is counter acting and probably mistaking the situation of somebody or someone is cheating ingame.

    And for now im still observing the dps meter behavior ingame, cause i barely only have 6 hours free time during this weekend. And would be doing other chores in the meantime and responsibilities in RL afterwards. As well as online classes cause of the covid still going around.

  • It's graphical to slow your pc down even more

    It's annoying to kill it in task manager ea login, ingame option for starting/closing it instead of auto start with launcher?

    Just make shinra official :beer:

  • afaik it can be turned on or off after the initial implementation and it wont occur on later logins.

    but they called it bêta for a reason.

    Rara avis in TERA