How to Enable Java and Java script for a downloaded game?

  • So I read that the admin wrote the solutions to "The game is currently unavailable to you" problem but I either followed them all or don't get it.

    1) Enable Java and Java script, accept cookies and disable add-ons that may block page content or scripts.
    - How do i even do this? This game isn't running on a browser so how do i even allow content or scripts? How does it affect my game launching or playing?

    2) Do not try to access TERA via VM, proxy, VPN or tunneling devices.
    - I don't even do this or know what these are.

    3) Make sure that no external software is being used to run the game and no external software is running while playing the game.
    - I honestly don't know what this is saying. I am only running the Gameforge client and it won't let me start the game.

    4) Should you have multiple Gameforge accounts, please do not try and connect them all in a short time frame.
    - Does not apply because I only got 1 account.

    5) Make sure to fully restart your Gameforge client. Please note: clicking on the "X" on the top right corner will only minimize the client to the tray, so make sure to fully close it through your task bar or your task manager.
    - Tried this already but doesn't work.

    So can someone help me? thanks!

  • I had that error when running from the "TERA" shortcut that the game installs on the desktop. Running from the "Gameforge Client" shortcut allows me to run the game normally.