Is there any consideration on a character limit increase?

  • I know I've brought this up before, but I got no notice on it. There are enough people who would like to level something, but are unable to due to this for many leveling events now. I am aware of deletion being a possibility but I don't wish to lose the costumes I got on a character as well as all the work to get them to 70. Just any feedback on whether this is discussed about or not would be enough for me ty for your time.

  • To limit farming? Maybe

    I can to an extend understand that, but it's been a very long time... my only theory is that they are keeping the final slot of the tab ( since 24 is the entirety of the entire tab and we are 23 ) for some kind of last resort class reveal or something to get people coming to it. Possibly a castanic ninja or something

    I just wish I could know if someone saw it lol last time I posted about it only one comment from someone banned came by

  • it's gonna suck when they eventually merge the servers and have to delete max level characters with cash shop items

  • 🤔 Hmm well why you even want to level now days the whole level system is garbage af and make no fun at all. They should just add a option to diractly crest a character with max level for the ppl who play now days (not me)

    Since currently leveling is just a waste of time for the ppl not like you learn a new class nowdays while leveling if you just one or two hit every monster.

    Back then it was different wher questing actuly was difficult and every bam could kill you 2hit if you didn't paid attentione.

    But yea the cap was back then so you are not able to farm dailys with 30 characters a day and rip everything with it. Now days no idea why Ther still is a limit Prob because of the new server merge event they added a few years ago to cresmwt atleast 2 or 3 new servers in a year or they would have more work with the character names and all if ppl have even more characters