my experience in playing reaper class

  • I wish if ever any of the admins that have the authority to improve the reaper dps (class) skill/gear damage of equal to the ninja class. Since both class reaper & ninja move really very fast in there own way. Besides i really love the Elin race there really very cute to play with and customized there outfit and mood.

    Only my point is it really took a lot of several hits like 8 hits in total dps either mobs or boss before it even reach the point of damage same to ninja that only took 3 hits (p.s i mean the dps damage not the kill)

    Also some of the disadvantages when starting in level 50 you cannot enjoy the benefits like the other class that start at a very low starting level. (I mean the dungeons and item drops while leveling as well to capture and fit in with some of the storyline in the game). Cause reaper seems to be a elin race that only been brought or born on the future (when the tera world is already at chaos) meaning reaper was never around yet during the period of timeline of velika and allementhea (cultis story line.) Which seems sad and yasrin was already dead before the reaper class even arrived. and zolin story line is fixed so there is no way to save her. (Grrr...) why do elins have to die?

    Well my point is

    1) The dps damage seems very low compared to ninja or archer class (i mean at the leveling stage)

    2) Getting material drops after reaper starting map is slow (but i dont do party i always still enjoy doing solo) so i can always take my time to stop and explore a bit. Only questline and mobs is much harder by then. Only i already knew the questline maps from my previos other character.

    3) i have no problem with the skill cool down only they seems to jolt at times when i am using combination attack, So i'm not sure if the skill do hit something or not, Cause of the lapse (sorry i'm a experience combo player from a other mmo online game) so it took some seconds before i could see the damage count from the chat system box.

    4) Quest NPC's dont pay very well and afk farming also dont exist in this game. So 80% of the time i waste my time gathering and mining and also hoping to earn also a few in fishing to earn coins ingame (not relate to reaper class just my personal sentiment)

    And thanks and have a nice day for reading my post.


    :elin6: I only play solo... and sorry I'm not a party member type of player... that do team play...

  • I am not too sure of the current state of reapers, since I myself don't actually play one. But in the recent patch, they got some buffs:


    * Damage has been increased by 5% for the following skills:

    * Sundering Strike

    * Grim Strike

    * Death Spiral

    * Shadow Burst

    * Damage has been increased by 10% for the following skills:

    * Dark Harvest

    * Recall Scythes

    * Binding Scythes

    * Shadow Lash

    * The duration of Dark Aura has been increased by 200%

    Patch Notes 105: The DPS Meter