Lil Leveling Dungeon Suggestion.

  • I'm leveling a Warrior over in NA. It feels a seriously under-powered compared to my Gunner over on Euro and they are about the same level; but that may just be my experience with the Gunner. Anyhow I find that just when I get the Warrior up to the point she feels useful on a Dungeon Run, and I'm really contributing to the run; She bumps up a level and that Dungeon is no longer available for Vanguard Quests. Which leaves me just lame in the next tier Dungeon.

    So I was going to suggest just raising the level cap on the Vanguard Leveling Dungeons a level or two when that does not cross equipment tiers. After all people are learning a class in these dungeons, and sometimes thats not always so easy. Harms no one and expands the pool of available players for any given quest.

  • Quote

    Harms no one

    sadly not true, if you overlevel your party members by more than 5 levels, all exp gained gets reduced.
    one could argue you could ask to raise this level restriction

  • I think Avatar Weapons are a thing of the past on PC. Kind of a shame that, it was fun collecting the shards to put them together. Still it is a new class to me, so I may just be pretty ham handed with it.

    Galtero: "if you overlevel your party members by more than 5 levels, all exp gained gets reduced."

    I Was not aware of that, but I was only suggesting they push the cap on a dungeon up a lvl or two.

    So hopefully that should keep the party in the same basic range. Still thanks for the input.

  • Thanks Maisee, I'll have to look into that, my current set of swords was a Gold Drop that might qualify, but I have not seen anything unusual otherwise. Pretty mundane weapons I could enhance to +3.

  • Almost all the non-avatar weapons got removed from the game (since no one should have ever been using them anyway). Just make sure you're always using the most current one or you won't crit.

    Honestly, warrior is complicated and if you haven't figured out how to effectively stack edge yet (I'm guessing that might be the issue), I can see it seeming underpowered.

  • I expect your right Maisee, I do get edge stacked to 10 pretty regularly but its almost an accident, I do have a few combo's that light the bar up; but I am definitely still learning. It has been good fun though and that's important to me in a game. I do make sure to have a full set of next tier gear ready to go the moment I level up. That much I did learn from my time on my Gunner. Thanks BB.