Burst Fire Bug?

  • I find that when I use Burst Fire it intermittently goes real slow about 1 shot per Sec. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem.

    I saw a very old thread where a user was having the same issue someplace, I think the En Masse forums; which he felt was tied to lag; but I doubt that as my FPS is good, and no other skills are effected. Even my Turret is just blazing away no problem while my cannon is just plodding along.

    The problem is oddly intermittent, in room A of a Dungeon Burst fire might work perfectly well, Room B it plods, Room C who knows, but once the bug triggers it does tend to stick around a while. The number of Mobs does not seem to matter. A room with a ton of Trash mobs might work fine. A room with one boss, might trigger (or the reverse.) It isn't a deal breaker, I am a returning player and have been having great fun on my new Gunner on the Euro Server; as well as my Apex on NA, but it is annoying because sometimes I need BF to fill in spaces on a cool down. And when a Boss is down to just a few percent thats how I will very often finish him off. TY BB.