open world pvp, updates please?

  • So gameforge?
    its been a while since we killian players asked...
    Any news about open world pk in velika outskirts, world boss pvp fights, or GvG's being re enabled


  • thing is, on Ktera the devs are actively talking about reworking pvp with there playerbase trying to fix and revamp it..

    Our server managers gameforge should also be in touch with them and HAVE a way to get some info for us but they dont, cannot or are not willing to share what ever info they have...

  • 10k infamy with one kill on a player of equal level which results in you not being able to use npc's is a bit extreme, imo

  • We already begging for a server merge in NA, I'm in the last remained pvp server... and it's DEAD since GF does't fulfilled its promise not to change the nature of the servers after taking NA ...


  • that was a mobile game...ported to pc, that dont count
    we want original tera we had 4 years ago...

    i will put more sarcasm in it next time.

    well, TBA's lifespan proved how good it was.

    if instead of that they had brought back alliance zones many people would be much happier.

    Rara avis in TERA

  • when i joined in 2017, it was through an advert on twitch showing off mass pvp and fighting for sky castles for your guild, it was great, the pvp combat kept me hooked...but almost everything that was in that advert has been removed or altered in a way to make it less good

  • You saw and outdated advert on 2017 because Sky Castles were removed around september 2016. Basically the downfall of TERA pvp started around that date because it was when Crusades and Alliance were removed, probably the most popular content. Ever since then the game went down hill with devs and publishers not reversing back their decisions and well, we are here right now.