• Hello Good day to everyone. I'm not a die hard fan of this MmoRpg Tera Online Game. Also im not really a player from this game as well, i came from some other Rpg Game... But my point is not about me... Everytime i see the new ingame loading screen wallpaper it some how reminds me of some year ago when En Masse was still around.

    Who among you can still remember the Event held at the outskirt of Castanica at Serpent Isle... It was the time they made a Summer event ingame that was really nice. It was all solid fun and game without really needing to kill anything, and just have fun playing games at the sand and win permanent exclusive item prizes from the game without needing to grind or use thaller money. I really miss that event...

  • this was on untill 2019 i think, after 2019 it hasnt returned. as many other "old" events.

    events now seem to be standardized monthly recurrences of dungeon entry blabla and enchant rates up ... events since a few months ,if you read them back in notes, have about the same stuff returning. maybe one or two things a previous one did not have. so im guessing it is either going to be the standard event chain from now on or they are having trouble working from home. ;P

    Rara avis in TERA

  • Was there no summer event in 2020? I can't remember. Maybe new events like Elemental Core/Shark fishing and Spawn invasion replaced it.

    But we are definitely missing some events.

    "Find the Golden Eggs" that gives you Moon Bunny pet was not active on Easter.

    Also Rootstock + Pond Faire was last time active 2019. It was actually reworked for 2019 with new achievements but it's been activated only once and for 19 days, so it was impossible to complete the achievement that required running dailies for 25 times.