Gameforge client keeps saying game is running

  • Gameforge client keeps saying "game is still running" even when i exited the game. Even when i force close the client it doesn't change, i have to restart my computer in order to get back into the game. please help!

  • LapisKittie when you logout game and want to restart login in, i know it sayd "game is still running" most or some of the time wait an average about 6 to 8 minutes till it show the game client "play button" to be able to login again. and the game is just really slow compared to your pc your using. Cause this Tera Online game is still using an old service provider service connection and the problem is on there end not yours and they still didn't upgraded it yet. Do not force shut down the game client nor restart your computer just to be able to play again. Cause sometimes the Tera Game Client will got bunkers if you do that and will force you to re install again the whole game client lol. Also if you have time install Java in to your OS it might help a little to fast things up.


    :elin6: I only play solo... and sorry I'm not a party member type of player... that do team play...

  • Hi, assuming you are on windows 10, 7 should make much a difference at all, Force closing the client in the task manager wont make any difference, i've had this issue before. And you wont find Tera in the [Processes] tab.

    Go to the [Details] tab and you can find Tera there, you'll be able to force close Tera. If you force stop TERA.exe from there and still dosent work try doing the same to Tl.exe. :thumbup: