Broken quest chain in Exador?

  • Hi, me and my girlfriend are going through the Exador quest chain together and after completing the quest "[Important] Secret of the Crystals" she wasn't able to accept the next quest from Amarre yet I was. We both turned in the quest at the exact same time, and we've tried everything, leaving the zone and coming back, relogging, changing channel ext ext. We contacted support a few times since we thought it was bugged and they told us they can't spoil quests to make it fair for everyone and that we should go reach out to fellow players to find the answer. Is there actually something more to this, or is the quest literally just bugged out and support are refusing to help? As you can see here the NPC has no quest and the pre-requisite has been completed, unless you need some other older quest complete I really don't see the issue. We're both lv69 so we both meet the level requirements and like I said we've basically done everything together up until this point so it makes no sense to me. Any help would be appreciated, we literally just want to play the game and the Exador line is needed to unlock endgame dungeons so we're stuck and support is doing nothing.

  • Hey there!

    With just the one screenshot, there's a lot missing to see what needs to be done.

    Does it show the purple quest in her quest list on the left for the next one at all?

    Could you provide a screenshot of her Quest Log when she is clicking on the next quest, which is: "The Attack" and show what it says you need done?

    If it'll help her, here's the two quests on the Wiki, which looks to be accurate. Make sure she retraces her steps. Remember that in TERA, characters can be in multiple places at once. For example, this Amarre can exist and stay there, and another is at the camp up ahead that you have to talk to in order to get the quest, etc. There might be another one up ahead, but here's the two links to the two quest lines;

    Secret Of the Crystals (Which you both have completed) -

    The Attack -

    There shouldn't be any reason if you two are the exact same level that she cannot access it either, unless there was a prerequisite she missed.

  • Hey, heres the quest log:

    and also the quest list:

    On my character I can confirm as well that the only prerequisite listed is the crystals quest. The only other thought we had was maybe she needs the crystals from the previous step to start the next which was a long shot, so we farmed the mobs there for a while and none of them dropped it, as its tied to having the previous quest active. On my character the crystals are gone too so it still doesn't make any sense to either of us.