NA Server lag - 3rd weekend

  • I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this. This is the 3rd weekend (or start of one) in a row that most nights the NA server (at least Velika) lag inside instances for hours and the game becomes unplayable. All that happens is that eventually, like 1-2 days after the lag starts there is "Emergency Maintenance", and then it happens again the weekend after. This feels exactly like the last couple of months of EME's reign, so I must ask, is Gameforge using the same servers as EME? Please, I just want one weekend night when I can play since I can't play during the week.

  • image0.pngThis is the reason why the servers have been getting extreme lag players duping scrolls for the new gear Gameforge you need to put a stop to this the players shouldn't only have their gear reverted to +0 but also downgraded back to kaia +0 as well this would put a stop to this mess you can't even do dungeons without dying from mechanics because you can't move during the freaking extreme lag spikes this causes

  • Yeah if your wondering why the sudden server crashes? It's because of the issues the server has and to add insult to injury the maybe 5 or 10 players duping scrolls at the same time those huge sudden spikes is enough to bring the server down if enough happen at once .