Tera Classic Server Poll and Discussion (Consolidated)

  • Hello, my name is Tadeshi, but most people know me as Alice or Lacie back from Killian days.

    I've been playing since 2015, back then maining sorc, mostly pve, but I always had an interest in pvp.

    Then I became a devoted simp for 3v3 and the mystic class, around mid/late of 2016.

    Yes, I am a filthy patch mystic player. I started doing pvp "seriously" on mystic when the mystic rework went live, I believe around September or October of 2016 (late vm6 patch? Brawler was already released back then).

    Then I started doing 3v3 and became a filthy toxic elitist fan of said battleground.

    I regretted not playing the BG earlier more, as I did a few on sorc before, but you can imagine the results as a pve player.

    Then as a game evolved more and more into the pve area, the more the pvp scene suffered in various ways.

    So when will I get to the actual topic of the thread?

    Well, as much as I don't want to admit it, a pvp-oriented "classic" server will never really happen officially anymore.

    The game is dead, and so is it's community - especially the pvp side.

    I talked recently to a few pvp players on the server, and I asked them what patch would they find most ideal for a pvp server:

    - None of them said vm5 (33.08 - Go Berserk)!!

    - None of them would want lvl 60 classic either, as it's residentsleeper and boring.

    - Some said Conflate patch.

    - Some even said Stormcry patch was their most ideal time for pvp.

    - Some said vm6, post Brawler release.

    Now let me convince all of you why they're wrong and why 33.08 is the most ideal *BASE* for a pvp-oriented server:

    - Honestly, it could be Fate of Arun - lvl 65 extension, vm4 (Patch 29.3) by itself, but for the sake of Berserkers I thought the Dstance would be a blessing, and I'm not even a berserker player.

    - With that said, maybe they could just add Dstance files to vm4, and then they wouldn't have to bother with deleting Gunner either.

    - Yes Gunner was introduced one patch before 33.08, and that's when the worst changes started to occur.

    - Gunner is a class that cannot be reworked in a way that wouldn't break the "meta" of vm5 -> 18m(+-?) kd, healing robot pet, tanky as a lancer, dmg of a sorc, BALDERS. Nope.

    - "But Tadeshi, you donkey, noone cares about fair PVP and everyone only wants to play the broken classes!" - Yes you're absolutely right. I can't do anything about those people. Especially since they know that their "favourite" OP classes exist in the future, of course they'd want them in. But this is not about what they want, this is about what I want. And what I want is balance.

    - "But Tadeshi, you donkey, vm5 was far from balanced even if there's no Gunner! Like what about Reaper!" - Yes, you're absolutely right. Which is why I said *BASE* for pvp-oriented server. Adjustements to most, if not all, classes would probably need to be done. However, vm4/5 balance patch is where I think the game could be probably most enjoyed for all pvp players: not too slow, but not the ADHD induced diarrhea that the game became pvp-wise far into when I quit (early 2019, before lvl 70 cap).

    - "But Tadeshi, you donkey, the community will never come to an agreement on what should be changed or left as it is!" - Yes, you're absolutely right. Which is why only a few key-changes should be made, by the suggestion of a very few, selected pvp players, who know what they're talking about. Does that include me? P-probably.

    - "But Tadeshi, you donkey, you said yourself you started pvp in late 2016! How can you say all of this with outmost confidence!?" - Yes, you're absolutely right. But I did a lot of 3v3 on the GF event classic server, as well as doing pvp on a vm5 ****** server. I gained quite a lot of insight and experience.

    - Things I deem necessary to change for vm4/5:

    • Fix stun durations and resists. (Make lancer leash 100% to leash when hit, please, they were always suffering with the leash resists) (Also vm5 patch is notorious for random stun durations, for example on Mystic Shara's Lash. Fix the rng of that.)
    • Nerf Sorcerer Nerve of Exhaustion (silence effect goes away on hit) and Lightning Trap duration. (6s -> 4s)
    • Probably increased cooldown on Warp Barrier for Sorcerer? By a few seconds only.
    • Nerf Fear of Confusion on Mystic. (Instant cast -> 1s cast?)
    • Buff Arun's Tear Mana restore for Mystic. (250Mp COST can stay but BUFF the 639Mp RESTORE to either % baed or a fixed 1000-1200 Mp)
    • Nerf Staggering Strike on Berserker. (This was deemed busted back in the day, afaik 30% reset chance and 3s stun duration? Change it to whatever it was changed to on later patch - need the insight of Berserkers here.)
    • Reaper needs some major rework but it's doable. Since Reaper was introduced in vm2 afaik, the vm4 patch helped some of the balance issues probably, as later patches always do, which is why I said Gunner cannot be reworked to non-stupid for vm5 patch. In later patches, Gunner eventually became rather weak because every other class in comparison got a buff or a rework that made them overshadow Gunner. Same goes for Brawler and so on.
    • Some Reaper rework suggestions I have for vm4/5 standards: Remove stagger from Double Shear, decrease damage a little bit on Whipsaw and delete the first hit of Whipsaw (or just remove the stagger on it), decrease the radius (to 2m) and the dmg a little bit of Shadow Burst - the skill gives anti-kd to the reaper and it kds everyone in the radius! should NOT be a major damaging skill! And lastly, delete their 2nd life passive altogether.
    • I'm not sure about other classes, Priest seems fine, Slayer and Archer is OK? People would argue with me on that... Warrior is okay too I think. I'm sure more people would have more insight on these matters. I only can say from what classes I played as (mystic main, priest alt, sorc alt) and what I experienced playing against a lot in 3v3.

    - "But Tadeshi, you donkey, your suggestions seem so random! We'd want more radical changes, such as Corruption Ring buff for Mystic! That class can't survive! Iframe on Breakaway Bolt for Archer as well as buffed Thunderbolt! Why nerf Reaper to the ground? Should add the cooldown reset buff on Shadow Reaping for Reaper as well as Sundering Strike chaining from Death Spiral! Make Adrenaline Rush a team buff!" - Look, I can't argue with the masses, but I know what I'm talking about for the most part, and if a change seems too good or too bad, it can always be reverted.

    - So what else 33.08 has to offer?

    • The introduction of Gridiron (boo, I know).
    • Tensus gear still only has a maximum of 2x cdr roll. That means kdchain classes can actually fulfill their roles as kdchain-based classes, as well as no 20s Guardian's Sanctuary with 10s uptime (same for Kaia's Shield).
    • Crusade and Skycastles were introduced between Fate of Arun (29.03) and Go Berserk (33.08) patch, in February of 2015.
    • Though I think tier III Etchings are far into the game by this point, can just remove them and make tier II etchings the highest, as to not break the game too much.
    • Dyads same (or can keep them?)
    • Also, since no reworked/revamped or new classes, that means fps will be mostly stable for most people. Tera optimisation is bad, but the flashy new skills of the flashy new classes only made it worse. Though this is only a personal dilemma.

    33.08 would be I think the epitome of fun for honest pvpers who want a fair fight because:

    • No new classes (besides reaper)
    • No 3x cdr
    • No Mystic standing 30m away, healing and cleansing allies with additional permanent power and aspeed buff from the crit aura.
    • No Valkyrie's doing better Giga's than Lancers.
    • No buggy knockup mechanics thanks to no Gunner, no Brawler, no Ninja, no Valkyrie! That means Priests who Arise don't have to feel bad for making their teammates stuck in one place.
    • No class oneshotting you from max HP, in a same-gear situation. (probably? I think so?)
    • Lancers actually relevant still, especially if Leash isn't resisted unless Tenacity or Guardian Sanctuary (or other shenanigans like that).
    • Mystics can actually still CC-chain.
    • Priest actually has to rebuff multiple things if the team gets plague'd/regressed - bigger punishment for not dodging or getting caught off-guard. Difference between a decent and a good priest - how fast can they rebuff or how well can they manage their mana - among other things.
    • Priest-Lancer-Sorc memes for team 3v3.
    • Believe it or not, all classes requiring some minimal skill to be relevant or decent at.
    • I'm not a Fraywind enthusiast or genius, but I assume it would be more fun without Balders and all them meme classes. Same with open world PVP and GVGs.
    • Speaking of which maybe even Slayers and Warriors can still make a difference in FW.
    • Oh yeah Alliance existed too this patch...
    • OG Kumasylum - for the memes.

    And with all that said, a server like this will never happen, and even if a pvp-oriented server would happen, it won't be this patch, because it's not what most people want or would make the most money, to which I can't blame anyone really.


  • Totally agree with this. I am playing archer pvp since 2013 and i think mist suggestions in this post will result in the most fair pvp ever happen for me, as a mostly 1v1 player.

    The current status of pvp in this game makes me so sad and the new patch will kill pvp forever.

  • Tera in 2012 was better in every way. Everything was easier and the game was fun it had a lot new players and it should supposted to stay that way. They (krafton) touched a system that was perfect and ruined it. Now this game is simply way too hard/too grindy for new/returning players and that drives away. Last i checked my friendlist it's completely dead.. noone logs anymore since months/years and all of them were very active players.

    P.S I filled up the survey, really hoping for classic tera, the official tera is over.

  • Nerf Staggering Strike on Berserker. (This was deemed busted back in the day, afaik 30% reset chance and 3s stun duration? Change it to whatever it was changed to on later patch - need the insight of Berserkers here.)

    I'd say the stun duration was not a big deal, if not properly calculated the target would easily escape the charge, so it required proper comboing to work.

    Just the possibility of lucky resets bothered some people. Back then it was useful for 1v1 and in a minor way for mass following.

    I'd not take it away as it's berserker's only stun skill and mostly an optional gameplay thing, but if it goes away it wouldn't be the end of berserker class either, just it'd make it less versatile/gamble based.

  • Hi all,

    We’ve noticed the same old requests within the forums asking for a Tera Classic Server throughout the past few years the more the game changed.

    Just from the temporary Classic server in December 2018 to January 2019 the YouTube video on the official Gameforge channel was able to rack more than 1 million views - the highest viewed video on their channel.

    We have therefore created a poll in order to visualise in one place what exactly people mean by wanting a “classic server” and the expectations they would have should there be a classic server - We are in no way saying that by filling out this response that Gameforge and BHS (now incorporated into Krafton) will ever consider opening a classic server again.

    The main purpose of the SURVEY is to see if there is any actual interest in a classic server and if so from which regions, what format etc.

    The survey will likely be closed after 1 month/by the time BHS (Krafton) have stabilised - I am of the understanding that the current Korean publisher Nexon is stopping the publishing of Tera and the developer BHS will be publishing the game themselves in Korea.

    Hopefully the results of the poll can serve to be used as reference in a centralised place by everyone (players, Gameforge, BHS) to see what they like about the old Tera and why exactly.

    This should in turn help at least the multiple one sided outcry by players on the forums requesting a classic server every other day and the radio silence by Gameforge and BHS.

    We know that many of our friends who have previously played Tera with us have left the game due to whatever reason however if possible we would ask that you share this poll with them so we can get the views of those ex-players.

    Regardless of the amount of attraction/support by players this is not necessarily a poll to decided whether a classic server would happen or not - rather it would be an easier format for Gameforge and BHS to read now that they are the only Publishers (and developer) of Tera (not sure about JTera?) and whether they decide to ever open a classic server would be up to them.

    I understand that there has been a few issues regarding the “forwarding of player feedback” on forums so I would kindly ask that our community managers and and gameforge staff threea  Atmorph  Baldrov  Languste  Melione forward on the results of the poll to the developer BHS (Krafton).

    We are not asking you to convince BHS to make a Tera Classic server rather just to show them the interest that has been shown from the poll results - they may be interested in the different answers given by players whether it be for future patches or a classic server - if you could at least acknowledge that you will do this little it would mean a lot to us

    We would ask that you use this thread as a place to discuss your thoughts on the poll or even just to convey your general thoughts.

    Many thanks,


  • To be honest, the chance for any CM or admin give us/you an usefull answer to this topic is nearly by 0. Over all this years of community feedback regarding pvp, NOTHING was going live.

    They dont even recognize how they are destroying the game. I mean the amount of classic/pvp topics rised so much in the last months and they dont even give an usefull answer. The dont recognize that this threads are something like the last call for help before this game is dieing.

    We should give our energy to some private tera servers with players as admins.

  • To be honest, the chance for any CM or admin give us/you an usefull answer to this topic is nearly by 0. Over all this years of community feedback regarding pvp, NOTHING was going live.

    They dont even recognize how they are destroying the game. I mean the amount of classic/pvp topics rised so much in the last months and they dont even give an usefull answer. The dont recognize that this threads are something like the last call for help before this game is dieing.

    We should give our energy to some private tera servers with players as admins.

    Totally agree

  • I am stick to this forums because im really hoping that the devs finally will make this classic server that's the only reason why i'm still here and that's all i want. I don't care about official tera anymore, about all my characters, all the costumes and mounts that i paid tons of money and that im lvl 70 and all other stuff that i grinded, they can shut it like today i don't care i will not be missing it. All i want is permanent classic tera.

  • Personal wise, if people would like a "2012 PvP feeling" with a bit more attack speed and skills then my bet would be the Fate of Arun Patch -> aka lvl 65 patch with controvert (?) as max pvp gear, no vm4 yet, BRnm & RG only I think. The damage you do with this gear is high, you have ur lvl 65 skills, glyphs & etchings.

    There are obvious some downsides as with any patch for example I think stuns were bugged during this patch, so sometimes they lasted as expected and sometimes people got out of stuns already 1s earlier - or slayers oneshotting people with ICB bug.

  • they dont even give an usefull answer

    There's communication happening, but besides announcements it rarely ever is through the forum while users are encouraged to keep submitting feedback through it.

    I've seen unofficial answers through other channels instead, which shows how inefficient forum communication is.

    The Classic Server option should be on the "mode selection" screen instead of TBA.

    I'd rather have it in server list to avoid unnecessary loading screens.

  • I doubt GF will provide a Classic Server anytime soon, they don't care to make players happy (proved plenty of times) as long as TERA is still developed/maintained by BHS (Krafton) and they make enough revenue from current servers. Sad but true.

    The moment they will do a Classic Server will be either again some kind of event to lure players again to spend $$ on it (and then merge them into current game so that maybe few of them would continue to payplay)


    the moment BHS (Krafton) will tell them they are done with TERA as a game and knowing that GF would use Classic as a way to squeeze as much $$ as they can while they can.

    Though maybe they would still run the classic version for some time even after BHS (Krafton) closes TERA if the server would give them enough profit to keep it open :>

    Of course this might happen in like 5-10 years cause BHS (Krafton) won't just kill the cow that brings them plenty of money and seeing as they literally piss on every playing player with each change/patch/update and those players still pay => that's not happening anytime soon I guess.

  • A couple of things I can bring up in favor for a somewhat early lvl 65 patch (because I want to vouch for that the most) for PvE-oriented players is the following:

    • Still has the old stamina system
    • Still has charms
    • Still has buffing scrolls (such as crit power scroll)
    • Still has Eclipse potion (as well as Heart Potion and the like)
    • Still has various Nostrums (Meelee and Ranged separate)

    Whether it's something that people hate or enjoy, I think we can all agree that these are all part of what Tera classic stands for when it comes to consumables or external buffs.

    As for content, I know many people loved vm1 and Manaya, and to them I can bring up the following (Depending on patch number):

    • SCHM was a fairly loved dungeon (as far as I can tell)
    • Introduction of the original Dreadspire (with Shandra Manaya as last boss)
    • Rift's Edge was also reintroduced in some of these patches (for those who like raids)
    • Dreamstorm I think it was called (open world PVE, a little bit similar to old Nexus, but I'd compare it to the Guardian Missions of nowadays more) - but maybe I remember wrong and it was added later.
    • LoT MWA farm for them crazy people, among other niche dungeons or farming spots for broker-play.

    To be fair, I guess compared to now there's "less" PvE content, but because of the aforementioned buff and charms system, dying was a lot less forgiving (having to recharm, cooldown on nostrums, etc.) and because of that, high-end content were mostly challenging with only a select few clearing (Dreadspire) - Of course, with today's knowledge these dungeons would seem probably easy as well - but the same could be said about vm1 or any other previous patches.

  • It has come to my attention that JTera is actually making a classic server:



    They are already at 250k preregistration.

    Clearly if Jtera can do it twice (since they also had a classic event in early 2019 just like GF did!), surely GameForge can also do it? People are obviously interested!

    EDIT: Scratch that it's a mobile game feelsbadman