Another Pvp topic

  • Hello my name is Daddy from Mystel server. As I've heard and figure how this new patch will impact on PVP community i decided make this post.

    First of all i want introduce myself, i've been doing pvp since game release , playing every content possible and seeing how PVP keep getting worse after every patch, so im kinda confident i have enough exp for talk about how new update will affect us

    Main pvp feature on this patch will be the change of the unequalized gear on Shore hold. How this can impact on the game?

    Shore hold its a Battleground mainly played for experienced players only, why?

    because its a 7vs7 where each team has one healer only and there is a lot of pressure over him/her, to the point most of tera players maining healer classes just dont go Shore hold, because of the pressure he has over him.

    I need to emphasize this battleground barely pop and when it does, you have proper geared peopple with pvp knowledge.

    Changing to an eq gear (as CS) will make the battleground able for more ppl which its good, but at what point?

    There will be geared ppl farming/kicking to this new players, geared dps being able to One-shot to anybody there, and more.

    Because of those points, "new peopple" will go play shore on first days only and never come back due to reasons mentioned before.

    In the same way,"old peopple" who used to play shore often will stop playing it because it will be ruinned.

    This "change" will end with less players in que on a BG which had already problems to make it pop

    There are certain points mentioned time ago about why BG's are slowly dying and its because they are not rewarded as PVE.

    Even when there will be new mats on Bg shop, prices are kinda far to being reasonable and they were setted like that for someone who clearly has no idea about how Pvp works.

    The intention behind those changes are good, but they are bad implemented and wont make pvp get better, even will make it worse...

    After this patch, a good intention from devs, like add rewards on pvp shop and change shore hold gear will end in kill the respective BG and lose one more pvp content.

    The only pvp content remaining on tera right now its CS, Shore hold and CU (since gvg/pk were removed) and instead of help, you are killing one.

    There are many ways to make PVP better, add additional rewards its a good step but not enough/good implemented.

    This post was made as a request for let Shore hold as an unqualized battleground.

    In case there's interest from devs/publisher to make pvp better, will post some suggestions:

    - Bring back FWC (most popular BG ever)

    - Bring back outlaw in certain areas like Velika outskirts

    -Add additional rewards for a fair price

    -Add pvp jackpots as old times

  • Agree tbh ShoreHold is the only place we can use our own pvp gear and build-up since we can’t consider CU as an actual pvp content in an individual skillwise.

    Also i talked before about PvP and how its an important content that gameforge should start look again to it. PvP Contents

  • In case there's interest from devs/publisher to make pvp better, will post some suggestions:

    - Bring back FWC (most popular BG ever)

    - Bring back outlaw in certain areas like Velika outskirts

    -Add additional rewards for a fair price

    -Add pvp jackpots as old times

    I agree on this.

    Tho, Shore always been something like the FAUW+ is for pve players, I would say. Thats why pvp players require minimum/good gear just like pve players look at the moongours/etc. Sadly, its based on the rng procs nowadays, rather than any skill. If only the gear would be balanced at some point, eq would be okay.

    First thing what the remain of the pvp community has to change is the attitude towards new/returning players and to help them get into the game again. Pretty sure the bg would pop more often than it is right now.

    In addition, the overall playerbase shrink day by day so no wonder, even lfg on Mystel seems really empty.

  • Tbh if the new gear shore and cs are getting was truly equal for all and balanced then we'd be talking about a completely different situation. I wonder who is going to queue and for how long they'll keep doing it too.

    Considering Gridiron barely pops, you either have to pay or RNG the jewelry and accessories in every other battleground except for team 3s that suffers from severe powercreep and elitism, plus the overlapping hour restrictions and discouraging unfixed bugs, the next patch is looking real grim for PvP.

    PvP should stop being looked at as a complement activity and have a proper progression of its own, where players can reach a challenging endgame community and compete in conditions as fair as possible.

  • I can agree to this.

    I am a Heal myself. On the part of Shore getting EQ (is it though? I hear controversial stuff, that eq is an option to choose, if ur lacking gear rather than it forces it on u by default):

    - ANYWAYS, no offense but this eq gear will be ur Dev's idea of how a tera pvp build should look like. And by that, I can alrdy predict that u will make every Healer quit, since ur idea will greatly undermine any maxed-out build of Healers who've played Shore thus far and farmed for their freaking builds. So yeah - thanks for the middlefinger going EQ - ur stuff I bet will make us heals 2shoots.

    Though honestly, for me perosnally that's not the worst part of this patch.

    What on earth is this time schedule on BGs??!!!!!

    - for ur information, the most played BGs of ur Game here are Corsair +SH (90%)

    ◘ Wednesday is only mentioned once (?!): for Skyring Team at 11pm to 1am - so what, we can't play anything in the evening before and u expect ppl to wait till middle of the night to run Skyring ??? kidding???

    ◘ Friday, same: a friday evening, where ppl don't have to quit early cuz WE is ahead, and u make us wait till 10pm for damn Gridiron ??? kidding ???

    ◘ Saturday, same: first day of the week-end, and all that opens up is Gridiron at 10pm - kidding ???!

    - Friday - Saturday -Sunday, that should be the main days for the main BGS - Corsair+SH

    ◘ Sunday is a freaking mess: each BG in a row for 1h each - that's just trolling...

    the curfew of 11pm on Corsair and SH: excuse me? at least expand it to midnight

    Aslo "fixed bug, where ladders can be climbed in an unusual way", that's all? -

    are u even aware, that the EU win/lose score system is greatly bugged since month?

    Idk, I can't say much good about this patch - it shows in a disgustingly open way, how detached ppl behind it are about their own game (for the EU region).