EU Servermerge (Mystel/Yurian/Seren)

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  • Stop the server merges already. I don't need another mess in my bank.

    Unlock free character transfers to Mystel instead.

    well i mean loosing cards and ep points is the only reason why ppl are still on yurian or seren, even myself. i wouldve transed allready but since my card album is nearly lvl 5 now i dont do it =)

  • Card album are one thing, but characters names / slots are too... I might sound selfish but as someone with currently 19/8/8 characters, losing 16 of them from merge would hurt a lot.

    I'm not against the idea of a merge (depending on how GF decides to handle it), but I don't think it would be a viable solution anyway.

    There are new/returning players, but in the end more and more people are leaving the game.

    A merge "could" provide a feeling of improvement, but that would be temporary at best. In the end the player base would inevitably decrease, and then what ? soon enough there're won't be anymore server to merge with.

    On the other hand, if improvements are made in order to make the game more attractive, having the possibility to choose from several servers with very different atmospheres could be a positive point.

  • I have level 70 character on every server but SEA.

    Only French server looks low population, but not totally dead when I just logged in there.

    On average afternoon Shakan has similar number of people in Velika and Highwatch as Mystel.

    If you can't fill HH raid stop being elitist and accept people who don't have that full +15 gear.

    And Shakan global chat is very active. I would not want people flooding global with Russian chatter since Mystel is mostly English.

    CU was always broken. There was one guild who won every week on Mystel before huge influx of pvpers from Killian. After that there was one guild who won every week on Killian.

    That is how CU is fundamentally designed.

    You say LFG is empty. So it's in Mystel. On afternoon 17:08 CET there's 6 LFG entries, 2 of them selling TT, one for cards. Server merge won't magically fill the LFG.

    Deleting servers is actually a bad thing unlike OP claims.

    Free-to-play players start with 2 character slots.

    Also you can occasionally farm events for free TC.

    (Deleting dedicated PVP was big mistake. Unfortunately players caused it themselves by transfering to PVE server, then complaing about low population, after that they complain about lack of open world PVP).

  • Hopefully the russians will be permanently locked on Shakan and never released.

  • Hopefully the russians will be permanently locked on Shakan and never released.

    Hopefully my bear is drunk already so he cant write some rude answer to your first post on forum. God bless Vodka.

    Make Shakan free again.


  • Another merge? ^^

    How many more merges before you understand that the game become bad after all done changes by all these years?

    There's a reason why this game is losing players and gain not many new players if any.

    Just make Tera Classic already, Official Tera is dead.

  • If you can't fill HH raid stop being elitist and accept people who don't have that full +15 gear.

    ppl don't even apply. but good thing that ur a mr./mrs. knows-it-all
    if you have a raid that wants to run s4 you need to have +15 gear, and thats not too much to expect, a person that has no gear + no experience will stop you from clearing from a long time, and its not about elitism here. even ppl with gear die from the weirdest bullshit.

    ngl what is this bullshittery in this thread. russia is a complete different economy, you don't really think that they would merge a complete different economy which also has different items into the "normal" eu server pool???? like think for f*cking five seconds before writing pls.

    stop trying to gather reasons why a servermerge should be bad? :D you really think that the ppl that rlly want to transfer won't do that in the near future? everytime i log onto mystel i see foreign languages in the global, but WHO F*CKING CARES ABOUT GLOBAL CHAT.... just ignore ppl writing russian/french/german w/e and just logging onto a server is not a guarantee to have a f*cking clue about their economy/activity w/e. IMAAAGINE logging onto different servers and judging their activity :lol:

    but to post sth useful in this thread:
    i actually agree with plott on many lvls. i'm a yurian player that played since 2014 on kaidun before and got merged into yurian after we had a request in the board for that merge and it helped us a lot back then, activitywise ofc. (Servermerge deutsche Server <- can look it up here if you know german) i dont have a clue about seren population but i can imagine that its worse than ours. and we already lost a lot of ppl in the last few months because of the gear duping dilemma (+ stat random feast) + them transferring to mystel because they weren't able to find groups on yurian. a server merge would help us in so many regards? better economy again, because we don't have a lot of active players left that get items to the broker. better activity when it comes to lfgs again, as a soloplayer you're able to join those and don't need to look for a static you wont find on yurian anyways nowadays. i cant imagine how few active endcontent players could be bad for you on mystel? the only reason that makes sense to me is if you have a lot of characters of both servers and cant keep all of them because of the limit of 23 chars, but everything else is utter bullshit imho? why would you care about global chat? i remember that one guy that posted "i dont want germans on the server!!!!!" and lives in germany himself.... imagine being kinda "racist" against other groups of ppl in a online mmo... most ppl won't even notice on mystel. i mean what changes for you? you just get new players to play with... it's just going to be a great improvement for seren/yurian players and i dont get why other players would like to ruin that for those ppl :S

  • The game is way too dead that won't really change something but yes if that can change to fill an lfg from 1 hour to 50 minutes, go for it

  • Merge is a possible solution, but most of players just want an working lfg system. Maybe just make a cross-server lfg-interface aswell as a working communication system like seperate server channels and cross server whispers.

    Maybe some ppl need to rename their chars then, but who cares anyway about names.

  • I am playing on Mystel and US servers. With its economy and players its Merging the EU servers would be a benefit to all players at this time plus i feel that it should make the job for Gameforge easier in the long run. Compared to the economy and dungeons on the US servers even Mystel is slow. A possible solution for have too many avatars 19/8/8 would be to allow those other accounts on Yurian or other servers to become a (1) (2) (3) exception to the single account rule. Give them the option to merge or remain seperate accounts

  • Even with the current mystel population the game feels dead and I feel no incentive to play. Just login few hours to see what's up... log off. LFG dead at peak times lol.

  • Yes to the merge. Who cares how many different langues you've got on one server. Just take a look at the thread for the Hasmina + Kaidun merge in 2016. So many people were against it and I still have no clue why.

    Please merge the servers.

    And back again...♥

  • Good luck, killian had like 60 ppl for a year before merge happened.

    I'd rate chance there will be any during next year at 2%, at this point if they merge everything and that one gets empty over time it's game over for tera, so they will be extra resistant to it.

  • Since i read many times, that language is a "problem".. like for real if the servers get merged, you will keep all ur friends and your guilds. I mean i want to stay with my german potatos aswell :D

    I hoped that the servers will find some living again, when the new patch came out. But it is just still ded.. I mean like 19 CET and literally 0 open LFGs.. Some people said, that global LFG would solve a big part of the problem and i agree with them. But I think if you are making LFG global you can also just merge all servers..

    And for the guys who are like "but when we merge and mystel will die out than, than we can merge any other servers to have living again" - for real? It doesnt matter if you merge or not, when mystel dies out - the game is over. But when we will get many new starters again or like people who came back, because they can actually play the game than. We wont run out of population.

  • When I use instance matching and get in a party with players from Shen or Yurian I never have any problems and everyone is speaking English when addressed. Whoever is saying otherwise must have had an isolated case or is being dishonest for other reasons.