Anyone want to help an old player relearn the game?

  • I decided to come back because I just have the urge to play an MMO again, but relearning the game with out any people or guild to run dungeons with is insanely dull. If any one is willing to help me relearn the game or any other returning players want to relearn with me, I am on the Velik PvE server.

    My characters:

    Level 66 Mystic named Solar.Phantom (My main character)

    Level 65 Reaper named Fallen.Scout

    Level 60 Warrior named Xhroria (still in Wonderholme gear.)

    My mystic is apex since I tried to come back to the game after that patch was released, but I lost interest after a "returning players" guild kicked me because I would not pay a monthly fee of 5000 gold.

    I would have a couple characters on the PvP server but they did not survive the migration it seems. They were still in vm2 so they would be insanely far behind anyways, still a bit of a disheartening loss though to be honest.