Is it worth it to return?

  • So I'm thinking of maybe downloading the game again and wanted to know what changed since the last time I played. I think the last time I played was at the end of 2018. At least my last forum activity seems to be from then. :D

    I would have an acc with several lvl 65 characters and would start as a f2p. Just so you can give better advice.

    Rechtsschreibfeler? Kenn ick nicht. Kann man dass Essen?

    Arlassa - Kriegermain - Castanic - Lvl 65 - Yurian
    Matoi.Ryuko - Kriegertwink - Castanic - Lvl 65 - Yurian
    Rânâ.Lînchên - Brawler - Mensch - Lvl 65 - Yurian
    Lucymârvel - Mystiker - Castanic - Lvl 65 - Yurian
    Arlos - Lanzer - Mensch - Lvl 65 - Yurian
    verschiedene nicht Lvl 65 Chars

  • Many things changed, now RNG is higher and the max level is 70. We're going to get new gear soon and a leveling up event at the end of the month.

    There's still some PvP up but nowhere near what it used to be. About PvE new training rooms for endgame dungeons have been opened and dungeons keep rotating from time to time.

    The community hasn't changed much. I'd say poke in and find out, peak activity times are as usual around evening at 8 PM CET. You can check Highwatch channel 1 and LFG (Y) to have a rough overview on the current playing population.