PTS Feedback - Event Dungeons

  • Dear community,

    this thread is available for you to post about any important issues you encounter in the PTS or have any balancing concerns.

    Public Test Server – Event Dungeons!


    We won't provide custom support for issues on the PTS, including, but not limited to, issues around your character, items or the server itself. Please do not contact our customer support for any PTS-inquiries, as no support can be provided.

    The TERA team

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  • First feedback i'd like to drop is that you're opening the Test server during the double loot weekend with also double vanguard rewards <.<
    Feels almost like you're making it on purpose...

  • There is a list of several pvp bugs in this forum. They are on the testserver as well. This become a running gag.

    But the purpose of this Test server is to test/balance the event instances. They didn't write anything about Fixes... if there's no patch you can't expect things to change ò.ò

  • Upon login into the test server, after a few minutes of playing server got disconnected.

    Guessing this is normal server stability for a test server, but since it keeps happening I wanted to report the restarts just in case, I hope this will not affect disconnections during dungeons and I'll update should it be the case. I couldn't notice anything else being odd so far and looking forward to testing the instances.

  • Cleared up to phase 3 of HH on the test server but the bosses are way too tanky. Don't see how a raid will pass the 10 minute timer with the 120bil hp it has. Phase 4 will probably be too tanky as well. Should lower phase 1 and 2 hp too.

  • Cleared phase 1, 2, and tested phase 3 for a good while. Was a full group on voice with some people with fully perfect optimized gear rolls(not sure exactly how many).

    Generally everything had ALOT of hp and it feels a tiny bit overtuned in that department.

    P1 felt doable if everyone played perfectly with minimal deaths and even then it came down to kitting the final dragon while it was berserk.

    P2: oh boy vergos. Hes got over 120? Billion HP so this takes way longer which is fine. People died alot mostly to some people being new to harrowhold. Our P2 took 7:23 to push to 70%.
    P2 Ballista phase: I'm not sure if its undertuned on purpose or bugged for test server as it took 23 seconds to die. 3 people properly doing ballistas did 75 million damage and then it ended. Fine either way since getting to this part takes WAY longer than the normal harrowhold.

    P3: This is where the massive hp becomes a bit of a problem. The 10 minute timer starts at 90% so you need to deal 96 billion damage in 10 minutes, 9.6 bil per minute, average 13 mil dps per dps. You would need ZERO deaths WITH perfectly rerolled gear on every single player to beat this. Maybe its possible but i highly doubt it.

    P4 would run into a similar issue with the 10 minute timer.

    Here is the vod for the run starting mostly at p2:

  • Hey all,

    Thanks for your feedback and time - especially during the running DD event!

    Here's a list of changes to be applied before this releases on live (not applied on the Public Test Environment though to avoid kicking ppl out now) based on feedback here as well as through other discussions throughout the weekend:

    We'll keep an eye on reports during the first week of its release, and take additional steps for turning some of these values if needed.

    Quick comment on the loot as well - the majority of the better loot is placed around Phase 3 and Phase 4 Bosses - a list will be added to the event release news accordingly.

    Enjoy your evenings!


  • Hope it's not gonna be random as Commander Residence.
    Please, this game is already hard and random enough, if you have power to change something do it because it's already frustratin to find 5 people for end-game content if you're not a known pro player, imagine what'll be gathering 20 skilled people to reach ph3-4 and loot 20-30k of stuff.

  • Great list of changes ! Thanks Atmorph. Phase#1 is more accesssible to the mainstream public now.

    Edit: Oh crap this is my 1000posts. What am I doing with my life. :elin15:

  • Phase 2

    speedup button for ballistas, when you're in, doesn't work. so it makes it very difficult to maneuver between firewalls

    At our server, only two raids (which have already had experience before) completed this phase. and even they passed it far from the first time

    moreover flying boss has a lot of HP now. we ask you to decrease the amount of dragon's hp, cause with 15-18 people it's almost impossible to pass this phase because:

    1. DPS phase (before 70%) takes a long time to pass, even with DPS level of players in +15 gear

    2. because of broken ballista's speedup mechanics it is impossible to survive in 4 firewalls, a lot of people die and don't keep up with the timer

    also, in some cases, the HP bar of the flying boss disappears

    Phase 3

    at our server, we have 2 very strong raids with experienced people on the server, but even they do not fit into its timer.

    PS. in the future I will add some more information related to our raid or something from other raids. but now we can say that at this point 3rd and 4th phases are too difficult for people that don't have much experience (or don't have it at all). Since the event will only last a month, people won't have time to train enough to be able to pass the dungeon. Therefore you need to either simplify the dungeon so much that people can pass it, or increase the duration of the event, or make it possible to get event tokens from the first two phases so that weaker raids can get at least something from the event