Public Test Server – Event Dungeons!

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    Preparations for the Event Dungeons are ongoing - and now you can participate too!

    The public test server "Public Beta" will start being accessible on Friday, November 20th, at around 11:00am (CET). It is scheduled to be closed down for the public on Monday, November 23rd in the morning.

    You want to participate? Here's how:
    • You need to have TERA on Steam
    • Start the client and select “Public Beta”
    The version on our test systems is identical to the current live version, and as such no patching will be required to switch back and forth.

    What is expected of me?
    • Go into Harrowhold with an item level between 453 and 472 with a raid of likeminded players.
    • In case you encounter any issues or balancing concerns, please let us know in the specific thread we will open for your feedback.
    • Please include as many details as you can, including things such as
    o On which boss and phase
    o Your Party Gear and Class Composition
    o Anything else of importance to you


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I play via Steam already, can I participate?
    Every TERA player can participate, including existing Steam players.

    2. I play via the Gameforge Client, can I participate?
    Yes! As a GF Client player, you will require to download the complete TERA live client on Steam (~67 GB).

    3. Do I need to start a new character on the Test System?
    You will be required to create a character on the test system, as live characters aren't copied to it. On the plus side, users that already took part in our last public test, will still have their previous account!
    Tokens to acquire gear will be provided in-game.

    4. I encountered an issue on the PTS, what can I do?
    We won't provide custom support for issues on the PTS, including, but not limited to, issues around your character, items or the server itself. Please do not contact our customer support for any PTS-inquiries, as no support can be provided. Instead please make sure to report your findings in the special forum thread, as detailed above.

    5. Any known issues I should be aware of?
    Due to the nature of this test, the server might be unavailable sporadically, or for a prolonged period of time. Otherwise, the same client as for the live servers is used, and as such most functions should work correctly.
    Please note:
    • No HP Gauges will be displayed above the bosses in Harrowhold. This is unfortunately intended, but partially remedied by an alternative display.
    • Some other content on this test system has been deactivated during this test window, as the focus lies on Harrowhold.

    6. Can players from the NA region also participate?
    Yes. However, please note that the server for this test is located in Europe, so you may encounter a high ping or lags.

    7. What content is in Patch 100?
    For a general overview, please have a look into our Patch Preview we released: Patch Notes 100.
    For the Event Dungeons specifically, please note that every player can only enter the Harrowhold raid once per cleared phase, just like on the later live servers.

    8. There is two servers, but I can't access them?
    Only the test system "W2 Atmorph (Beta)" is open to the public. If you cannot access this world, please double-check if your client is patched correctly. Alternatively, it could be that the server is overflowing with players in the worst-case scenario, and you will need to wait a little.
    The system "W1 Baldrov (internal)" is not intended for public access.

    9. Why is X or Y missing?
    This test system might not contain all the settings we're used to on the live servers. This includes, but is not limited to, events, token and NPC stores, dungeon drops or similar.

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