Improved PvP Communication

  • Let's talk!

    As the title states the aim of this thread is to improve the communication between the PvP community and the rest of the Tera community, Tera's managing, publishing and developing team.

    People belonging to any of the above as well as external contributors are welcome to watch and post in this thread.

    For the purpose of improving PvP communication, I'd like to include in this thread a list of unresolved issues I particularly have as a pvper, as well as the current information I could find on them. I'd also like to gather diverse viewpoints, promote discussion and welcome suggestions on how to improve communication overall.

    If you require more information on the topic's guidelines please check the spoiler.

    List of unresolved PvP Issues


    -If we can't talk about cheating in public and the current support report system does not deliver fast enough actions [1], are we supposed to tackle it as a community and if so how?

    -Do bans work on users and the community has to become an ingame non paid full time police or if we report a particular cheat actions will be taken to prevent it from being used in the game again?

    -What are the minimum and the maximum times that a user can get an effective ingame ban/other appropriate action taken from the moment a member of the support staff receives and effectively finishes reading a report with all of the necessary evidence?

    -What are the minimum and the maximum times for a cheat to be effectively erased from the game?

    -Is there any official acknowledgement in the game that a particular cheat is something that neither the managing, publishing and/or developing team can act about so nothing is going to be done in that regard and the community should play with this cheat in the game if at all?

    -Has any cheat that affected pvp been erased so far? [1]


    -Removal of consumables that are no longer obtainable, is it going to take place? If so when and if not why?

    -Seal of the Undying Flames [1]

    Game bugs

    -Are current game bugs going to be solved and if so when and if not why? [1]

    -Archer's windsong bug in Outer Core Area [1]

    -Buffs disappearance in Civil Unrest [1]

    -Bugged scan in Corsair's Stronghold[1]

    -Cancel matching bug in battlegrounds

    -Dropout bug [1]


    -Heal lock on bugs [1],[2]

    -Kick bugs in battlegrounds

    -Killfeed display bug in battlegrounds

    -Kumas royale death and pallialith bugs [1]

    -Leaderboard bugs in battlegrounds [1]

    -Multiple Card Bug [1]

    -Priest's EP triple nemesis bug [1]

    -Priest's pull bug [1]

    -Purple bar debuff display bug in battlegrounds

    -Radar showing teammates as enemies in battlegrounds

    -UI score tab icon bugged in battlegrounds

    -Unusable skills bug in battlegrounds [1]

    Open world pvp

    -Regarding the overall lack of open world pvp content including all regions, can we have new open world pvp focused content implemented into the MMORPG game? Could we have themed battlegrounds for Easter or Halloween as an example?

    -PvP servers for regions besides NA. Since having a cross server one is apparently not a possibility because of ping and other issues.; can we open a petition to bring at least one pvp server for each region back? How many signs would we need to gather in order for Gameforge and Krafton to consider this possibility and not remove our content which they up to this day actually advertise on their website [delve into open world PvP] because according to the feedback we received from CM it's minoritary? [] Do you consider duels, deathmatches and outer core area to be enough content to enjoy the "delve into open world PvP" experience or would you like full world outlaw back? Alternatively are you in favor of one channel outlaw or just limited to Velika Outskirts ring? Should we open a poll thread for this purpose?

    PvP Community Manager

    -Do we require a new manager to cover this specific role or should we keep communications for PvP with the current managers if there is not a high demand for this? [1]

    Reimplementation and rework of removed pvp content

    -Since reintroducing elements from the past and reworking them is present in other areas of the game, what are the reasons why we can not have Alliance/Fraywind/Iron BG/Kumasylum/Leagues with guild castles/Monkeydrome/Open Civil Unrest/Premade queueing back if any?


    -Do you agree that current PvP rewards are insufficient for PvP or other ingame progression and they should be updated? If so how? Would you reimplement/adjust leaderboard rewards or would you add them in separate tokens or in the battleground shop?

    List of resolved PvP Issues

    -Corsair's FPS bug [1]. Estimated time of solving: 64 bit update, 2 years

    -Priest's holy burst bug [1],[2]. Estimated time of solving: 4 months

    -Ranking rewards [1]. Estimated time of solving: 8 days

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  • You/we will not get an informative answer by GF.

    While we wait for the informative answers though, maybe we can gather some actual information from the community.

    I'd like to find out how many people are still interested in pvp up to this day or how many would be interested in coming back, so we can all see the actual numbers we are missing. I don't know if there's any current poll on it or when the last one was made if at all.

    It would also be nice if we can gather ideas for community made events. It's been a while since the last time there was any of those.

  • Cheats and bugs are not the bigger problem.

    They ruined PvP in its core.

    The only way to fix this is if they remove all the big updates (Guild Stats, Cards, Advance Skills and Enhancement Points).

    Or at least just remove these from battlegrounds and open world PvP permanently.

    But they will not remove it, since they think it is new and revolutionary.

    Remember; Korea is totaly out of touch with TERA, especially the PvP side.

    They should have worked on new glyphs and crystals instead. These two things are amazing and can be even better.

  • disable cards,consumables, EP, advanced skills, and custom gear in an equalised fraywind and i would be happy
    damn, i remember when the biggest problem with queueing for a battleground on an ALT was missing glyphs

    watch them disable leaderboards and make everyones name hidden so we have zero reason to play
    i allready dislike the fact you cannot check your deaths after a win in shorehold and gridion is pointless cause you may as well be playing a single player game if there gonna hide everyones names

    not to mention right now you can lose points on a win, lose points on a loss, AND lose points for being kicked in all the battlegrounds with leaderboard ratings, with NO way to gain points after your five ranking games

  • In Battleground disable Cards, etc would be good, but in open world they should stay. It was fun and good to have them. Only idiots would disable them in open world PVP because one-three players want it on forum, and others dont care.

    Anyway PVP glory in MMO ale long dead, its not fault of tera, in mostly mmos PVP died, because players dont like play it anymore like in 2012 or so. Their places was take over by MOBA. Veterans can cry and complain about it, but they will not change the time flow and changes. As it is now i see here only several players again and again andothers just dont care, so... changes for severalplayers are not good changes.

    Also Buschfunker as i see his posts is acting just like angry kid who insult wrong peoples because he dont like changes. You know what? Game is for everyone not only for several complainers here. You dont like changes? You are free to create your own game and put in it things thats you like. Also Devas can changes their games as they like, its their games after all, not yours. And if you dont like the changes they puts in u can find other game.

    I know people here will not understand this and will always complain, but it not matter as only 0,1% total player base from tera (or even less) looks here and complain (PVP even less as PVP is dead in MMO and its iconic now), others who still plays tera just play it.

  • Or at least just remove these from battlegrounds and open world PvP permanently.

    I'm with Jubei on this one. I think the word outlaw is meant for no rules PvP and therefore should apply for open world fights that allow any and every kind of trickery, that is at the same time allowed within the signed ToS.

    That means unequal numbers, using geodata to your advantage, pulling bosses into people alliance style, different gear options, consumables and everything you can pull under your sleeve, all allowed.

    If you think this should not be the case in order to preserve balance, do you think these should be kept for competitive 3v3 teams or completely erased from every PvP aspect of the game to let them apply only to PvE and other aspects?

    Asking since some of these updates have allowed to create new character builds, do you believe they are too broken and can't be adjusted?

    Remember; Korea is totaly out of touch with TERA, especially the PvP side.

    On this regard I'd love to get some information on how the process of sending PvP feedback from EU to Korea and getting a reply back works exactly. I'm afraid I don't know enough about it.

    But since this certainly seems to be the case, there's room for improvement.

    They should have worked on new glyphs and crystals instead.

    Care about giving examples on this and developing? I believe the EP system was pretty close to new glyphs but crystals seem neglected indeed.

    disable cards,consumables, EP, advanced skills, and custom gear in an equalised fraywind and i would be happy
    damn, i remember when the biggest problem with queueing for a battleground on an ALT was missing glyphs

    So pretty much get truly equalized BGs where the only differences between players are ping, experience, individual skills and effective teamwork.

    However this poses a dilemma. Equalized vs Unequalized battlegrounds. Which ones should leaderboards include?

    Equalized having the advantage that anyone could join with very minimum requirements allowing for higher activity and making casual and alts quality gameplay an option. This way you'd be facing actual players instead of their gear, since most gear differences are heavily unbalanced.

    Unequalized on the other hand being more competitive and allowing room for ingame progression, so besides having fun people could use highly customized gameplays that only certain builds allow. The point would be winning ease of play through playing more and better.

    gridion is pointless cause you may as well be playing a single player game if there gonna hide everyones names

    As of the latest time I played you could check people in your raid but not the opponent raid (unless you were familiar with their character appearance).

    I think having one anonymous themed battleground isn't bad but it should work for both raids. I also miss old Gridiron with two floors and bombing. Rather than a battle royale of each one for themselves, it seems a stomp or be stomped battleground most of the time.

    PVP even less as PVP is dead in MMO and its iconic now

    Which would you say are the reasons for this? Besides players not wanting to grind for stuff and having everything seemingly available from the beginning for fast paced action.

    I see many people missing games with massive numbers that require knowledge of your skills and learning instead of six key pressing.

    And if you dont like the changes they puts in u can find other game.

    I wish it was this easy. Of course it doesn't mean a certain company is meant to be your personal tailor, but there aren't as many options out there either, just take into account both viewpoints please.

    For good or bad people keep changing games, precisely because they can't find that "one game" they are looking for and trying out every new hype going out in the process.

    Making your own game and implementing everything you'd ever like into it is easier said than done and not something that can be achieved often just because one wants it without putting a huge amount of dedication and/or resources into it.

    If one could simply find a game like that in a snap you'd see many less complaints in almost every game forum I'd say.

  • Also Buschfunker as i see his posts is acting just like angry kid who insult wrong peoples because he dont like changes. You know what? Game is for everyone not only for several complainers here. You dont like changes?

    Did you even read one of my posts? Where did i insult someone? Ive made a list of bugs, BUGS, you know what that is? How dare i am to show gameforge the bugs and show them whats going wrong. I didnt wrote anything to change in this game. I just wrote what to repair and thats what i can expect as a costumer. So please dont judge me as an angry kid when you dont even know what i am talking about. Nice insult of you btw.

  • Sorry for the lack of updates. Unfortunately I'm unable to edit my first post, I'd appreciate any help in that regard.

    In the meantime I'll continue listing things down here as I'm unable to merge the information.


    -What is the most updated information on the current state of PvP in the game? [1]

    Game Bugs

    -Latest update I could find on GvG was on the 13/10/2020 [1], let's keep pushing the topic until we get more information.

    -Wintera one entry/character queue bug [1]

    -Wintera no resurrection bug

    -Wintera no rewards bug [1]

    Open world pvp

    -Why is the Outer Core Area scheduled for removal?[1],[2],[3] Does "Based on the responses" mean the cause for removal is low activity and if so what kind of activity was the team expecting?

    -PvP servers demand, linking a related thread [1]

    PvP Community Manager

    -Regarding the transparency of communications and the information exchange between Forum users and Community Managers; What are the current functions of Community Managers and other Staff Members when it comes to providing PvP related feedback to the team and back to the playerbase? [1],[2],[3]

    As far as current communications go, if we don't read a "thread forwarded" we have literally no means of checking if our feedback is being transmitted to the team. On the other hand, receiving no information back after a topic being forwarded, will be interpreted as Gameforge's staff being silent on the matter. Again we have no way of checking if our information has been forwarded by them to the developers should it be necessary or not.

    -Since according to the Forum Rules [1] "the moderation team doesn't have a full technical knowledge of the game nor can really report these bugs to the developer." and according to their job description page they "supervise and coordinate the volunteer teams and handle support requests", what kind of support requests do Community Managers handle and is it actually a good idea to ask PvP related questions, in which a public clarification is required, to them or should they be asked directly to support through the ticket system?

    -Following Community Managers line of work as in being "responsible for the conception and implementation of competitions and events, both in-game and on the game's website" can we have any pvp related event? A dueling tournament, 5v5 or 10v10 deathmatch tournament or open world pvp event would be highly appreciated just to toss in some ideas

    Reimplementation and rework of removed pvp content

    -Why Tera Battle Arena can't be reimplemented as a battleground inside of the MMORPG? Having it give credits that may aid progression rather than making users choose between TBA and the MMO would have been a smarter choice imho.

    So are there any technical difficulties in this regard and if so can we get more information on them? [1],[2],[3]

    -Updated links on the requests to reimplement content [1],[2]

    Updated link on how to send a ticket to support [1] Remember to include the time of the incident if any [2]

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  • Updating thread with a new queue bug that affects battlegrounds such as Corsair's Stronghold and Shore Hold.

    Unsure if it's related to the "Wintera one entry/character queue bug", but apparently it's a different one.

    Game bugs

    -Friendly fire bug spotted in Corsair's Stronghold, Gridiron and Shore Hold where members of the same team can kill each other.

    -Queue bug last two spots [1]

    -Wintera resurrection bug and queue bugs still present, including instant teleport out of the battleground at the end of it

    -Wintera vanguard rewards bug

    List of solved PvP Issues

    -Wintera no rewards bug and no battleground credits bugs both solved with the introduction of patch after two weeks of release

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  • Thread update


    -Cheating in Wintera regarding bug abuse and looting reported to still happen on the daily

    Game bugs

    -Apologies for the misleading information, Wintera vanguard rewards are not bugged, they are confirmed to apply once for each character/day correctly

    -After the leading update to Corsair's Stronghold, the radar bug displaying allies as enemies is confirmed to persist

    -Linking thread asking for information regarding persistent pvp game bugs [1]

    -Wintera resurrection and queue bugs persist too, plus the ice circle at the edge of the battlefield may be invisible (rare bug) or even able to make you lose HP from base before the bars go down (if you go close to the outer edge of the base)

    PvP Community Manager

    -Official announcement encouragement to keep submitting general feedback for changes through forums

    Reimplementation and rework of removed pvp content

    -Battlegrounds removed from Shen [1]

    -Linking thread to reimplement the Fraywind Canyon battleground as an event [1]


    -Official announcement of new materials being obtainable through PvP activities [1]

  • Thread update

    List of solved PvP Issues

    -Wintera season ended, battleground removed successfully without a maintenance about 5 days after the end of the event (on the 16th of January) [1],[2]

    Reimplementation and rework of removed pvp content

    -Coming soon: Kumas Royale and Champion's Skyring (Solo), plus active hours to enter remaining battlegrounds being limited [1]

    -Linking thread asking for a rework of the Civil Unrest system [1]

    -Linking thread discussing disappointment on next patch's lack of free for all outlaw content [1]

    -Linking thread discussing the incoming changes [1]


    -Information on incoming rewards and changes to the Bellicarium shop in the battleground's link above

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  • Thread update

    Game bugs

    Plenty of battlegrounds new bugs including:

    -Battleground matching can't be cancelled without closing the client sometimes

    -Getting skips after queueing for a long time, apparently relog helps sometimes, this bug used to be rare but it's getting frequent

    -No vanguard rewards for winning Gridiron

    -Persistent queue bugs from previous patches

    -Queue bug that doesn't let you enter a battleground after the raid is matched, leading to dropout for most of the raid as they are forced to get kicked/leave

    -Reappearance of the friendly fire in Shore Hold and Gridiron for some players in your team

    -Uneven number of players for each team in Gridiron

    -Wrong queue display showing different numbers of players in the queue for different players, plus it won't even display more than 1 if there isn't a heal in queue which is persisting from previous patches too

    -Linking threads asking for staff reply concerning this situation [1],[2]

    Reimplementation and rework of removed pvp content

    -Linking poll by kirino to share your thoughts about a Classic server and also a thread to provide feedback for it [1],[2]

    -Linking thread mentioning PvP is completely dead [1]

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