My strangest encounter

  • So I just had a very strange instance on a very simple dungeon, the macellarius catacombs..

    I entered and two players showed up as usual.

    Before first boss they start typing in russian between them, I asked to speak english to no avail.

    Then one of em sits down, I asked why but nothing. I waited, maybe dude has to go to the bathroom idk but no. He keeps typing.

    I ended up taking the debuff bc he kept typing and punching me.

    Then google translate live in phone came to help.

    And apparently??? He was mad bc I am a mystic??? Insulting me and such?? Like??? What did I do??

    Idk if I can send u names but here's the conversation. (if I can make it work ahahah)

    zKYfdwI ( )

    4hEFeL2 ( )

  • Greetings! :)

    Judging by the contents of the screenshots, it all started with the fact that, according to this player, you did not wait and probably ran forward in front of the group to start the battle. It is good tone for players to wait for all members of the group. And the beginning of the battle lies on the shoulders of the tank, and not anyone else (ideally).

    But, yes, there are some players who react very brightly and negatively. As a result: they stand into AFK. Alternatively, you can say that you do not understand their language. You can apologize by saying that you were simply distracted or did not notice that someone else would not come to the group. In most cases, players find common ground and resolve conflicts quickly enough. In this situation, I suggest you relax and not get hung up on this particular one. Just draw conclusions and be more careful next time (this is about whether everyone in the group is in place and ready to start a fight).

  • I waited for them :c I did not go forward without them, and we all know macellarius is a pretty easy dg I could run alone, but?? I was waiting??? So Idk why he was so mad

  • There is a myth that Russians are more emotional in terms of expression and display of aggression. This is partly true (you may have observed it personally in this situation), but we have not much such people (as well as among any speakers of other languages). So just don't get too hung up on it, anything can happen! ;)

    Good luck! :)

  • yes. we have a smal amount of trash people that q IM just to spam shit in chat and do nothing. because the game is the only place where they can assert themselves by insulting you in the chat. just kick them




  • Shiko.Somber Why tell someone to speak english in Macellarius Catacombs?

    missTao Why not to go first as Mystic? It is MC + Mystic is the fastest mob gartherer so tanks and DPS can just quickly kill them in one place.

    The whole idea is to finish MC the fastest way and not bullshitting around with "tanks go first" nonsense.

  • la-la-la

    Thx for your such a little silly, but quite funny joke – waste time in meaningless and complete discussion in order to "judge" a random person and his views by phrases taken out of context. It's really funny! :D

    But, there is still no point in answering this drivel, so again I just wish you good luck, sweety.