[Guide] Contacting Support

  • Dear community,

    here is a small guide on how you can create a support account and contact our team:


    In case you are have an issue with your account, you will need to contact our support team here: https://tera.support.gameforge.com/

    STEP 1

    • In case you already have a Gameforge support system account, you can use your existing support account data in order to login. If you play through STEAM, you can use the "Sign in through STEAM" option directly.
    • In case you do not have a support account yet, you will need to register a new one.

    :!:Attention! Your Game/Client login data cannot be used to log into our support system!

    STEP 2

    In the “Home” dashboard you have an overview of your support account, you can check the status of your pending/open tickets, manage your email addresses or STEAM accounts, etc.

    STEP 3

    In order to create a new ticket, please go to the “Contact Support” menu and there, you will first need to choose the type of issue you have (related to the Game, the Board or Payment).

    Once you choose the kind of issue (for example “Game” related) you will need to add all the information (Nickname /Email address/Subject/Description/Attachments) and then click "Submit".
    • In the Nickname field, please add your character name.
    • Add a detailed description of the issue/topic and the corresponding date it happened.
    • In case you are reporting a bug, always please include the needed screenshots or a short clip if possible.


    After you've submitted your ticket, you can check for the status of it in the Home menu.

    :!: Once you've received an answer from our team, please reply to the same ticket, do not open a new one for an existing case!

    The TERA team