NA Question about Tier rewards

  • I initially posted a new thread about the Tier 9 issue, but my post was moved to this thread instead.............. thank you very much for that.


    Anyway here's the TLDR:

    My name is Bby, I play on Velik server. October 16th, I started farming IoD on 8 characters a day every day. November 6th, I got tier 9 (after a total of 90-100h of Island of Dawn). November 18th, all NA players got their rewards and I got the Tier 5-8 box with the title Gold Traveler (tier 8). Contacted GF support with a lot of proof and screenshots, said "nothing we can do." Contacted EME, said "we don't have the data anymore."


    I've heard some mediocre reviews of Gameforge support before, so my expectations are low here. IF they care to help us, they can look for (1) traces of the item "Reward box tier 9" in deleted parcels and/or used and consumed items (ID:201169) or (2) traces of the skill Summon NPC: Phargo (ID:604013060000). It's been a week now since I last updated my ticket, and no response.

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  • Hello everyone, short info about the topic with the users that got a higher Tier level in EME after migrating their account here: we are currently checking this and we will hopefully have a solution soon. There is no specific date for it yet, but once there is something concrete, we will inform you with an official news as always. :)

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