Patch Notes 100: Fiery Airship

  • With patch 100, things are heating up this winter – the Sky Cruiser’s back and it’s been completely reworked. While Darkan’s new to the MMO, you can choose from three more heroes in TERA Battle Arena: Rhodos, Niniel, and Kaia!

    MMO: Added Instances

    Sky Cruiser (Hard)

    Instance Info:

    • Designed for 5-player groups from item level 484
    • One entry per day (two for Club members)
    • Accessible from level 70
    • Can be entered via group matching
    • Entry costs 230 Adventure Coins
    • 50% or 100% more loot when 4 or 5 players are in the group

    Possible Loot Includes:

    • Zenobia’s Sacred Breath Box
    • Forgotten Card Fragment Random Box
    • Various Greedhead’s Option Change Scrolls
    • Various brooch etchings
    • Various materials for crafting etchings
    • Superior Exodor weapon and armor
    • Ishara’s Halidom I, Amarun’s Relic I
    • Magical Dark Shard Armor and Weapon Feedstock

    Daily quest (reward for the first 16 completed quests) *

    • 3,000 Gold
    • 100 Vanguard Initiative Credits
    • EP XP++
    • 1x Dragonwing Scale
    • 100 Noctenium Infusion
    • 1x Pure Refined Duranium Ore


    The RK-9 Kennel (Hard) is closing its doors.

    Hagufna will no longer carry the special additional items as loot (robe, greatsword).

    MMO: Interface

    Character selection has a great new look with a new background and improved character line-up.

    Sever selection’s also received a makeover and is now visually styled on the islands of Exodor.

    Improvements have been made to the loading and presentation of skill cooldowns.

    Improvements have been made to the loading and presentation of various user interface elements.

    MMO: Regional

    With patch 100 Gameforge has prepared lots of event dungeons that you’ll be able to enjoy all the way up until early 2021.

    Enter long-forgotten instances that are now being reopened in Europe, America, Russia, and South East Asia!

    NPCs for entering the dungeons and exchanging event rewards await you in the center of Highwatch.


    20-player dungeon for item level 457–473

    One weekly entry with 4 phases

    Reward for all party members for each phase

    No Adventure Coins required

    Special “God Slayer” title for the fifth completion of phase 4

    After completing a phase, the instance or group can be left and continued at a later point with any group

    Phases are reset every Tuesday

    Timescape (Hard)

    5-player dungeon for item level 484

    Two daily entries (four for club members)

    Entry costs 150 Adventure Coins

    Reward similar to Draakon Arena (Hard) with event extras

    Special “Time Lord” title for the 100th time Valona is defeated


    5-player dungeon for item level 457

    No limit on weekly entries

    Entry costs 170 Adventure Coins

    Reward similar to Thaumetal Refinery with event extras

    Special “Time Lord” title for the 100th time Valona is defeated

    TERA Battle Arena: New Heroes

    Choose from three new heroes!


    You’ll already know him as the commander of the Khirian Resistance in northern Arun—and now you can also play as this brawler in the TERA Battle Arena!

    Rhodos specializes in pounding his opponents in melee combat, storming into the fray, and launching his opponents into the air.


    This gunner stays on the move while attacking her opponents. With her Heart Bomb skill, Niniel can enchant her opponents so that they run toward her uncontrollably, and with Balder’s Vengeance she has a unique gunner skill that deals massive damage to her enemies.


    The almighty warrior Kaiator, guardian goddess of Kaiator, joins the action bearing her greatsword to teach all enemies of Kaiator the meaning of fear.

    She strikes down her opponents in a large area around herself with powerful blows from her greatsword.

    General and Balancing

    Every hero now has an additional ability that you can use to quickly stand up again when you have been knocked down. Additionally, you’ll also be immune to similar effects for 2 seconds after using this skill.

    (You will not find this skill in your skill bar; it is only shown when it can be used, and it has a 60-second cooldown.)

    TERA Battle Arena – Miscellaneous


    In addition to the heroes, there have also been some other improvements. You will be able to unlock the achievements from patch 100 onwards. There’s a reward of 10 Arena Coins per achievement.

    New Options

    In the options (“O”) you can now also decide whether the name of the character currently in focus should be highlighted or not

    It is now also possible to move the skills around in the skill bar, arranging them to your liking.

    Enjoy the new patch,

    The TERA Team