A assortment of knowledge and advice that a new player should know.

  • Hello, if you're reading this its either you were bored, are returning, or complete new to Tera. I do not have the patience nor time to explain everything about this game But What I can offer you is basic advice and info you as a very new player want and need to know in order to get started with this game. this is not going to be a class guide and frankly im sorry to say that the Tera community has so much misinformation around it these days about what's good and what's bad in terms of stats and choices that a lot of it is misconstrued and done poorly. there are some people who are fighting the good fight to help teach people the lost arts of how to actually play their class and play it well. But for the most part its the blind leading the blind and things that get said as truths are.. not the case and often times incorrect. This will not be class guide, leveling guide or gearing but rather a way to give you information to give you a heads up on what you should do when you first start this game. My apologies if this isn't great. but the situation as it stands is dire. in 2020 almost any guide you find online for this game whether it be class advice or dungeon mechanics is almost entirely out of date. frankly if you're new this game is hell to get into it feels miserable to trudge through and if you don't know what you're doing and trying to follow some idiotic advice from some of these youtubers who have 0 FREAKING clue what they're doing Examples for this being Mmobytes and Lazypeon Who think you level in this game like a traditional mmorpg..via quests, story quests and acting like they're knowledgeable when they are literally Completely clueless. A potato would do better because the most it could do is at least NOT Spread misinformation about the game and how you should play it. with that said lets start, the First you thing you need to know about when playing tera and starting out is.

    1. All the classes and races are viable.

    I've seen this asked time and time again and again about "What's the best class." The answer to this question is.. All of them. there is no unviable class in tera online. it all depends on player skill and what your ping is. If you're skilled or knowledgeable at the game and have a low ping any class has the ability to help carry a group through a dungeon. Yes there are some classes that get buffed slightly higher than others. However, if you lack the ability and maybe its not just your ability to play the class. But maybe your ping is absolute garbage. if your ping sucks your damage will not be as high as you would like it to be. if you know what you're doing you can pull off decent to average and be "good enough." that having you in a dungeon will be fine because you're competent. if you have low ping but no ability what so ever to play your class your damage or healing or whatever ability to tank will be less competent than players with garbage levels of internet connection to the server. (aka ping.) ultimately ping is a huge deciding on whether or not you as a player can utilize a class to the fullest ability. there are ways to compensate slightly for this but just know every class is viable and good in the right hands. there are not necessarily any terrible classes.. only terrible players who don't know what they're doing. or are stuck trapped behind ping. Play what you like or find interesting.. that's the end of it. this applies to races although you will hear people mention certain races being able to animation cancel faster than other races allowing you to do more damage faster. but this really only again.. applies to the players who know how utilize this to the fullest. aka if you're new this doesn't matter to you yet and thus you should not care. play what you like and find interesting.

    2. ignore quests focus on dungeons.

    This might seem like a odd piece of advice. its a mmorpg right? why would I not want to level by quests. quests are fun and interesting they give information on the world and lore and add something to the adventure right!!.. Well I got bad news and good news for you. The Good news Leveling in Tera online in 2020 is extremely fast. it will take you less than a day if you do everything the way you should to get to level 65 or 70. The bad news? It came at the cost of any early game content, that would be considered challenging or rewarding. back In the day dungeons would of been challenging and worth while But in 2020 any dungeon you will go through for the purpose of leveling is a joke. they have no mechanics, no damage, they have been nerfed so much that you can literally clear them one armed drunk and blind folded. Dungeons for levels 1-60 have been decreased from five people max to three people groups. In Tera online you do not play this game for the Journey. Tera online is all about speed running to max level so you can actually experience the real game. and to do that the fastest we level 1 to 12 on Stepstone isle doing the mandatory quest, we then level 12 to 20 in Crescentia doing a few quests and then going over and killing Basilisks or whatever till 21. once at level 21 you do not need to even use instance finder if you're a dps.. simply go up to the Bastion of Lok Dungeon entrance.. click on the entrance Click enter Bastion of Lok.. (do not do the solo dungeon its a waste of time and exp.) then go in and kill everything that moves with ridiculous ease. one you have finished this probably having gained about three to four levels already, you type /reset while inside the dungeon reset it and do it again till you have the required gear score and level that allows you to enter into the next dungeon. if you're a a healer You could either do this or You could instance match for a group do it get your exp and items. move from that dungeon to the next dungeon and then from that dungeon you moved to to the next dungeon. rinse and repeat this process of going from dungeon to dungeon till level 60l and then spam whatever 60 dungeon to 65 for Marcellarius catacombs which you will spam up to 30+ times to get to level 70. if you quest you'll still probably get pretty fast exp but nothing compared to just spamming dungeons. the only questing you should actually do besides the Mandatory step stone isle and getting to 21 off whatever Crescentia gives you. is the Questline for awakening, and the Questline to get into Exodor. other than that.. ignore everything else it doesn't matter.

    3. You don't play this game for the lore.

    If you were looking for a game with epic lore and interesting characters or quests and gripping writing!.. sorry this is not it. Tera while it has some interesting lore and so on.. its really not the focus.. and alot of the times your immersion will get broken or destroyed by the fact that your fighting X boss for the 10th time because.. they really needed to bring a dungoen back.. and thats it. case closed.. my advice? don't get into this game for its writing.. it will mostly just break your heart and lower your expectations. Almost every time.

    4. Enchant your gear In this order.. Weapon first, Chest piece 2nd, gloves third Boots last. or Gloves 2nd Chest piece 3rd Boots last.

    When you do enchanting make sure to enchant your weapon.. first. Whether you are a Tank, a Healer or a dps. you almost always want to be sure to enchant your weapon first. because it will either allow you to do more damage which in terms of dps roles means more damage to kill the boss faster. in terms of tanks it means the better ability to hold aggro for healers its either heal more or recover more mana per second than any other piece of equipment. your chest usually as a tank or dps usually comes 2nd. since it has skill roles or abilities that can significantly increase your dps, potential to hold aggro or survive. in some cases as dps you might go gloves 2nd chest third but for the most part your chest piece will always be the 2nd piece of gear you enchant and then your gloves.. boots are always last... Unless said piece of equipment boosts your ilvl up significantly mostly you wanna follow this order so you don't waste mats.

    5. There is only back crits and Frontal damage head shots do not exist.

    I know this might seem funny but its a common misconception amongst most ranged classes that shooting something in the head will cause your attacks to deal more damage.. I have some news.. this is not the case.. there is only frontal and back damage. No such thing as headshots. my apologies monster hunter fans but this is not how tera works. To add onto this subject. you should almost always a a dps be walking to try and get to to the backside of a boss and whacking it from behind. as your chance to crit, deal damage, if you are in the front view of a boss and attacking it you are most likely doing something wrong. You almost always be able to get to the backside of a boss as.. usually its a lot safer and you get that added damage bonus. kindly do not stand in the front.

    6 .Newbie rezes are actually more harmful than helpful.. try to get used to not spam using them to overcome mechanics you do not understand its a waste of your gold when starting out as well.

    .Ah yes this subject. at some point In this game at level 70+ dungeons. When you hit the hardmode dungeons. you're going to hit what most veteran players describe as.. the wall. the wall is a challenging learning curve in which you hit after hitting around 458 or higher ilvl. this is when bosses in dungeons actually become hard. most of them will have one shot mechanics. that you need to do correctly or you will die.. repeatedly. which up till now you've been ignoring and not worrying about as the game has been mostly pretty simple.. it is also at this point the game gets more complicated people lose their tempers quicker and over all become more unforgiving towards newer players. because you now need the same dungeons that veterans need to get geared.. some people will be nice but mostly you'll get runs where people will be rude comment consistently, whine, bitch and complain and in other instances straight up just leave as soon as they find themselves qued in a dungeon with a newer person. it is during this time the newbie rezes also become a huge crutch that a lot of newer players like to rely on. this is a mechanic wher eif you get killed by a mechanic you have up to 99 self rezes in a dungeon that can be used to self revive yourself at the cost of your gold. most of the times if you do this you will just resurect instantly using it to get up and run out there immediately to attempt to be the hero we all need and love challenging the the boss only to then get smacked by another one shot mechanic and dying coming back wasting your gold. My advice to you is.. Do not get used to the newbie rezzes.. while nice they are actually a crutch because later on in the game when you do dungeons Like Bahar, and Corrupted Sky Nest Hardmode and bosses like Hagufna.. there will not be this button.. instead you will be forced to stay dead till a healer rezes you or has already put a self rez on you at the start. or.. you will accidentally think "oh ill use my newbie rez." click the button to rez realize that you can't rez in a dungeon like this and instead have rezzed out of the dungeon now ticking off a great number of people and forcing your party more or less to wipe or forcing yourself to miss out on the loot as they boot you from party.. trust me.. I've been here myself first time I did Corrupt sky nest normal I had gotten to used to newbie rez and upon my death just though "oh ill just hit the button no big deal." only to find out.. that that's not how that works. so please to save yourself.. and your party much unnecessary frustration later on in the game.. try to get used to not rezzing via newbie rez. instead make your healers.. in the dungeons you do whether its imsed or not take the time to manually ressurect you. I know this is gonna be frustrating. there are going to be people that are going to talk shit, bitch, and be rude to you about this and ask why not just use newbie rez. at which point you ask why did they sign up to be a healer class if they weren't at some point going to be forced to rez and take care of bad players... yes it sounds rude but if a person picks a healer class at some point in the game they'll have to deal with trap runs eventually. its frustrating, its annoying and its a total bitch to deal with but that's what they signed up for. You as a new player need to learn the mechanics for dungeons. newbie rezes aren't going to help you only wiping rapidly and dying and feeling awful will. its a reason hardmode dungeons used to have normal mode versions for you to practice on but those have since been removed from the game. this is the only way you can learn now and it shall be painful.. but once you have learned the methods for said bosses they won't be as horrifying and you will hopefully die much less. likewise this note applies to healers. do not be afraid to wipe a dungeon run so you can learn. this is how old mmo's used to do it and its how it should be done again. Don't cater to these lazy choices implemented by devs to try and fix the problem but by doing so complete a newish hellish one that now perpetuates the game for a eternity. it is better to wipe and die a thousand times and learn something. than to die and ressurect instantly and go through the dungeon clearing it to get loot learning absolutely nothing only to repeat the same process.. please be better than this.

    7. Why Everyone Hates "Jerry."

    Jerry was once a game developer who worked with pearl abyss on BDO. he eventually got fired from peal abyss for his terrible ideas and was then rehired by to Bluehole Studios bringing his crappyy ideas with him to torment and destroy the once great legacy of Tera. whenever you hear a negative phrase uttered at this man. understand its because he took the worst ideas he possibly create and put them into Tera's pool of good ideas mixed and jumbled them around every few patches replace good tera idea with Terrible BDO ones. appropriately everyone has decided to start saying a certain "F" word followed by the utterance of this mans name. Remember if there is something you absolutely hate about Tera today.. such as the fact that pets can't be named without the purchase of a pet name voucher, the fact that there's two type of pets and one of those pet types now dubbed companions gives stats, the fact that your accessories at one point in time when enchanting could explode and turn to dust despite you having put millions of gold worth of effort into them. the fact your weapon could break and disenchant itself downwards.. understand It was because of this man.. and this man alone for causing this.. thus everyone rightly has anger towards him.. and if you play long enough newbie I have no doubt you will not soon feel the rage we all have towards this man.

    8. Be sure to apply and reapply your nostrum when in a dungeon run.

    Nostrums are a item when used in give you a boost to attack speed, cool down reduction, mana rejuvenation, etc to your character. basically they act as a consumable buff that lasts 60 minutes giving you great enhancement to all things. you should always be applying these before your dungeon, reapplying if you die and get ressed by your healer, or reapplying if after 60 minutes the buff has run off. this vitally important to help boost your dps and is something you as a player should consider when running things.

    9. Noctenium is great.

    Noctenium is a gas that people inhale in the Tera universe to become stronger. ingame the affects of it boost your ability to do damage or heal with a higher chance for crits and so on. it gets consumed depending on how much you overcharge or do but in general you use this when you need a extra boost in damage or you're trying to burn through bosses quickly.

    10. PvP is mostly deceased.

    I used to main pvp but to answer your question and one thats often times asked.. Yes PvP is mostly dead. Corshairs still pops on the european servers, Shorehold can pop but for the most part Tera is heavily a PvE game. that's about all i had to say about this one.. It hurts but that's how it is.

    11. Vanguard quests are your dallies be sure to get them done for Ep,Gold, and mats.

    Vanguard quests are your daily quest, mostly you get them from completing dungeons, killing certain bams etc. mostly as a new player starting out you want to get these done and completed. the rewards of a vanguard quest mostly amount to mats and gold which you need and must use for enchanting gear. mostly you get these done by... you guessed it.. spamming dungeons. Different ilevel dungeons will give you different in terms of feedstock and materials. mostly as a starting out player your goal is to get scout gear to +15 and then going out to buy a Gold piece of equipment for a set known as Anhilation or Dark light. We'll get to what that is after this. however for the most part you wanna try to get as many vanguard quests done as possible for the best reward. with that said lets talk about..

    12. Physical and Magical damage.

    In Tera online after the Updated for awakening Came out in 2017. the Heroic oath system of gearing got replaced by a completely new system. (GEE THANKS JERRY.!) This system utilized two different gear sets for classes based on what a majority of their skills were. example if you are a berserker you now had a stat for physical amplification on your gear to boost the base damage all your skills did. likewise if you were a magic user say a mystic, priest or sorcerer there was now a stat called magical amplification implemented on your equipment. basically this made it so now based on your class you wanted to get gear that either had physical amp or magic amp placed on it. and you now had two different gear sets. Anhelation for Physical users and Dark Light for Magic users. depending on what class you play you will need to acquire one of these sets for. For the most part classes that Utilize Magic in them would are mostly cloth based in nature. most obviously priests, mystics,Sorcecers,and Ninja's but there is a exception for this being that Reapers and Gunners also use dark light. for the Physicals damage we have Lancers,Brawlers,Berserkers,Slayers,Archers, and Valkyries. I won't get into all the stat rolling you should be doing for your classes and how to build them out.. that's why the class discords exist and I will leave that guide responsibility ultimately up to someone else but just know that darklight sets= magic Anhelation= Physical. simple right?

    13. As soon as you you hit level 65 go complete your awakening training Immediately.

    Remember about what I said about skip questing? except for awakening and Exodor? this is probably one of the most important things you'll do when you play Tera. Awakening is when you do a short story segment helping a goddess kill a big I mean it when I say Immediately I mean immediately. as soon as you hit level 65 drop everything you're doing open your mailbox grab a Velika banquet invitation from the npc who sends it put it in your inventory,teleport to highwatch talk to braga end the conversation teleport back to velika talk to neerider in the front there and start the quest line for awakening. there is no point in doing literally anything else in the game before you get your awakening done. awakening will give you access to a new ultimate form along with new skills and abilities to use as well as your first actual set of starting gear Called scout gear. This is where you actual Tera adventure begins. once you have done this you your next course of action will be to focus on reaching level 70. I would not suggest doing the Exodor questline series.. as its a pain in the ass if you're not level 70+ and have scout gear decently enchanted speaking of which lets move onto..

    14. Get scout Gear enchanted to +15 before You go for Darklight or Anhelation gear.

    This might seem like a strange piece of advice. But again its very valid. some people will tell you to as soon as you can. Go out and buy any piece of Darklight or Anhelation gear off the broker so you can get into the hardmode dungeons and run things more quickly and efficiently. While this might seem like a good idea I personally suggest you wait till you have +15ed all your scout gear and have made enough gold afterwards to buy or get a full set of gold gear as well as enchant it upwards. Why you may ask? Well, If you as a newbie immediately go out and buy pieces of gold gear You might have a piece of equipment thats nice. However you won't be able to enchant it immediately and its going to take a bit to earn the mats to enchant it to where it would be useful.. The reason you want to get +15 scout gear first is not about it being more usable than your gold gear till its at +10 or so. but rather, You'll be able to enchant gold gear up faster if you after having got your scout gear to +15 to get the extra bonuses of feedstock for enchanting it upwards past +10 but also you can dismantle the gear and use the fodder from it to enchant your gold gear much faster and more efficiently then you scrounging for every piece of feedstock and every bit of gold you can get to try and enchant your gold gear upwards only to possibly have it fail at +4 and expended your resources. patience is a virtue and the more time you spend saving up to enchant your gold gear the easier it will be to make it useful.. on top of that while the drop chance is fairly low you might actually get a piece of Darklight or Anhelation gear to drop from one of the lower level 68 dungeons saving you gold and mats ahead of time. Trust me.. its better than being stuck scrounging for fodder to enchant a piece of equipment you can't really use yet.

    15. Do your Vanguard legions.

    Vanguard legions are a open world short of events that pop up on your map when after hitting level 65 you click the Blue shield. they give you boxes which contain rubies and other gems which you can sell or will need to use at the higher levels to enchant your gear with. you can do 40 of these a day if you're subscribed to the Tera club or just 20 if not subscribed. Either way the Best way to completely your Vanguard legions is to spam Shadow of the Gutrends or the Event that pops up in the Basilisks crag. the way this works is you will have a bar pop up when you enter the area telling you how many rewards you can or cannot claim. the more damage you do the faster you fill up the bar to to work towards your reward. simple yes? if you do not have either Basilisks Shadow of the Gutrends up its best recommended to just wait a bit till they do pop up skipping out on the unnecessary ones. Though there are some fun ones to do most of this is just repetitive and monotonous.

    16. You should Invest in getting Tera club with either paying 15$ per month.. or Buying it off the broker if you can afford it.

    Tera club is a membership bonus that players get for a total of 30 days if they subscribe manually or whatever they get from using the Vouchers that get handed out during events, as codes to game forge partners or other means. they can be bought off broker (way expensive right now though has yet to be seen what they pricing will be when the servers come back up.) as a rule of thumb if you want to play tera the most effectively and efficiently you should be willing to invest either gold into this or just opening your wallet. the benefits that Tera club gives includes the ability to run more dungeons, access to nostrums and other buffs without having to go get braveries. as well as the ability to open abox that has a chance to give a rare cosmetic or other items that could be valuable and worth gold. all and all Tera club is the most essential to helping you utlize the most you can out of your time on Tera. that being said If you don't want to buy the 15$ membership you can find vouchers for it on the broker for large amounts of gp.

    Frankly there is alot more of Which I can add and work on with But I feel this is good enough for a entry beginning for now. I will probably edit and fix a bit here and there but Ultimately I feel this is good enough for now. I hope this guide helped you or was entertaining enough o get you interested/ help you throughout your Tera adventures. Best of luck.

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  • Noctenium is a gas that people inhale in the tear universe to become stronger.

    It's used to become stronger but it has funnier lore origins.

    Some of the quests which are now optional, outdated and related to past alliance content tell you more about the fight for noctenium and where it actually comes from, one of the loading screens up to this day is still based on it (the one with the half disappearing baraka in the center).

    Overall nice starting tips, about the newbie rez (it will ask you for money to use it) just make sure not to confuse it with the standard rez(doesn't ask you for money) then you can use it safely.