magic amplification? Magic crit? Help.

  • Hello.

    Veteran/returning player. last time I played was before the adventure coin thing.

    Anyway. Leveled a new Slayer, reached 70, killed some bosses and got a drop of a Manaforce Azart Greatsword. Great! I said, thinking that I would be able to get a better weapon from my current scout. However, reading the stats I noticed that the weapon was magic tuned, magic amplification and crit.
    I have no idea what does this mean. Is there now a Magic Build for Slayer that I have no idea of? If so, could someone please, point me in the right direction to understand how to play this, or if it even makes any sense to try, or simply get rid of the weapon.

    Thank you.

  • magic / physical was introduced a while ago.

    it is the main thing after power and crit.

    classes are either magical or physical ( dont think there is one that needs both)

    check skill menu to see what your skills (mainly) use

    there is magic and physical gear (armor/wep/jewelry), all of which CAN have additional stats and can be infused with infusion-gear.

    extra stats are magic-/physical- : -amplification -piercing -ignore resistance -resistance.

    most outcomes are random and some randomness can be controlled with certain items.

    that can control the random outcome, varying in the amount of control.

    it can all be very expensive so make sure you get the right things.

    simply always READ and re-read THE DESCRIPTION before you waste gold.

    hope this clears it up a bit.


    Rara avis in TERA

  • Hi there!

    Link to Slayer Discord, very helpful players for any questions! But very chill too

    Slayers use Dauntless/Annihilation/Kaia's Fury since a physical based class
    You'll want to be looking around for gear also with physical amplification as well

    If you have a fair amount of gold, you can jump straight to Gold gear (Anni) to convert to purple(Kaia's Fury).
    In which saving you time and cost to use towards gold > purple conversion