Aperçu : l'aéronef s'enflamme

  • The celestial cruiser makes its great comeback, with a Darkan more rabid than ever! Get ready for a great challenge! As you probably already know, the TERA family has grown a bit, so the upcoming update is the first one we are releasing for our new adventurers from America. In addition, Update 100 brings you 3 new heroes for the TERA Battle Arena!

    Celestial cruiser (difficult)

    Darkan is back and his appetite for devastation has remained intact: he will stop at nothing to destroy your Celestial Cruiser! You'll need to be brave and brave enough to stand in his way, as this battle will be more devious than ever, with flames spreading through the area where you face him, leaving you only a narrow path to defeat him. You can join the new dungeon from item level 484 once a day (2x for club members).

    Three new heroes in TBA

    Starting with Update 100, you can select three new heroes from the TERA Battle Arena :

    • The Bourrask Rhodos makes his dazzling fists speak in hand-to-hand combat. You've already come across him during your adventures in the MMO.
    • Nina the Gunner lures her opponents with a seduction attack to destroy them with her overpowering powers.
    • The Slayer Kaia is a goddess of Kaiator. She hunts down her enemies in the arena with her swordfish.