Verifying Game

  • Why doesn't the system just update files that have changed instead of verifying the whoke game each time you do maintenance. It is currently taking me 'literally' all day to check verify the game. Its crazy bonkers. I had to switch it off last night before going to bed and this morning it started over checking ALL the files again. It was on 75% last night after a day and now I am back to 22%. It stops me from ever logging on. I just don't have the time.

  • Verification is necessary to exclude interference with the game files (by players or third-party software). If you have not completed the check, paused, and started it again after a while, then the check visually displays the start of the check from scratch, nevertheless, checking the files already checked the day before is carried out faster, since the game client simply "looks for the place where it stopped in last time". This is a crude explanation, but something like it probably happens. At the moment, the process of checking the integrity of files is carried out exactly this way and nothing else. If you have a low traffic speed, then you have no choice but to wait until the verification process is complete. It is a great pity that you are faced with such a difficulty. Let's hope that the process will soon be completed for you and you can continue your adventures in the vastness of Arborea!


  • Sadly the process checks every single file. Each and every time the game updates. For me that is taking a day. Sometimes two days. It only started doing this since the 64BiT update. What I struggle with is why the system cannot do what I can do in any folder on my computer and that is quickly index files as 'date modified' and cross check against size and then discount everything else.

    If you watch the process it slowly goes through every single file. It speeds up when it knows it does not have to download something and then slows down when it hits files it needs to alter. The game does not patch just those files it needs to update but insists on checking every single file on the system EVERY FILE. Why ? Like this happens nearly every week it seems. I have struggled with this a dozen times since the patch update. It just puts me off playing the game. No other game does this. No other game is so slow updating. It really is a pain for me.

    Also... if you cancel the process by closing the Gameforge interface the process is not halted. It carries on even though you closed the game and software. So I have to reboot my computer to get the system resources back. The whole process is a struggle and it could be a lot lot easier. At the moment it takes me three or four days to update cus I just can't deal with the game client hogging my system resources. I just don't have the time.

  • OK so I log in today after a week or so and am faced again with a wait period of 23 hours for verification. THATS 23 HOURS..... Seriously are you mad. You have made this game unplayable for me. The developers have got a screw loose or something. NO OTHER game is like this. I just can't spare the time. And this time is enough. Since the 64BiT patch the game has become a nightmare for me. I spend more time waiting for the game to check and install than actually playing.

    Game gone mad. BYE.

  • My own ISP averages about 700K to 1M per second, so I'm feeling some of Mayku's pain here; if your on cable modem or something that is not fiber to the house, a verify can take a long while. I generally have to leave it over night; I don't blame the game per se, but the dev's should remember not everyone has the most blazing, high end internet connection.

    So smaller patches fairly quickly applied are most welcome where-ever possible.

  • You don't update or rename the game folder, do you?

    Try to get qualified help by contacting the Support Team. A helpful guide on how to do that is here.

    I do nothing. I log in and the process starts. Its been running all day and its three in the morning. It has so far done 36% and reckons it has another 14 hours to go. Every time the game patches or goes thro a heavy maintenance the game wants to repair and it does this. It takes a whole day. Sadly if I leave it running and try to do other things it keeps stalling and interupting what I am doing. I just can't do anything about it. Why it needs to check every single file I will never no. I am currently subscribed to WOW with the new expansion and just went thro the prepatch update. I never had this problem. It just updated WoW again this week with 3.6GB and I could play all the time. Its only started after the 64Bit update and where I was forced to delete the game and reinstall. Since then its been a nightmare. I go long periods not playing now cus I can't face this update problem. I'm sure others just give up and go play something else.

  • Feeling Mayku's pain a little here, last thing I did yesterday before work was a quick side quest; logged off, went to work, twelve hours later I log on and the game wants to repair again; that took another 1:15 and why the game should need to repair when the very last thing I did on the computer was play Tera is a bit beyond me. It was working b4 I left for work after all.

  • The problem is that whenever there is any change made to the game no matter how minor the quite stupid launcher decides to check absolutely every file for the game on your computer. So say they repair a single broken aspect of the game they still insist on checking all 12000 files of size 67GB across the internet. In your case that divided by an average download rate of say 850 gives 133 minutes. But when the checker hits a section of busted or modified files the launcher crawls to the download rate particular to where you are and the line quality. I live in the forest so I'm stuffed really and so in addition to the 1.5 hours its taking anything up to another 12 hours for me to clear all files.

    A more sensible way is the way adopted by clever developers like Blizzard. They retrieve a manifest of your content and only download the very minimum that has changed. So today for instance one day after the release of Shadowlands the game was patched and I got one chunk of 74MB. It took less than five minutes.They even retrieve lost disk space. But no way do they ever check every single file in the directory. That is just bonkers. But these developers don't care much it seems about launchers. They have plagued this game from launch. And it don't ever like get any better. They must be losing so many players that just give up with this nonsense.

  • Another month and yet another 25hours and 44 minutes wait while this game verifies each and every file. It really is the most bonkers moronic stupid game process that I have ever encountered. EACH AND EVERY MONTH. One complete day to verify a game.

    These days when I am asked if the game is worth playing I just have to point out the dreadful problems the game has with its crap launcher. It really is junk.

    Like I'm gonna wait a day to play a game. USELESS.

  • Maybe next time just close gameforge client and reopen it.

    It always asks me to "Repair" the game when there's a patch, but if I fully close and reopen the client, it works just fine (sometimes I need to close and reopen it several times, but it's still faster than clicking on this "Repair" button)

  • Its never worked for me. I have an ethernet hub on the floor under the desk and when the repair is running the lights never stop on the port switch. Even when you close the client the process continues. Checking system resources even after closing the client the service is still running. Only way to stop it is to switch off the computer. Then when I fire up the client again the process just starts all over. it never stops. Its been like this since they introduced the 64BiT update and I had to reinstall the game.

    I'm actually sick of it and this time I have given up for good. I just have to accept that the game does not work for me. And after 8 years its time to finally junk the thing. I am playing Warcraft again now anyway so I just don't have the time for this game. It really is heavy maintenance.

    Never mind. I've been trying to leave the game for months now and so it kinda makes sense to give up now. Thanks all the same.

  • You mean it "repairs" without any action? You never clicked on a "repair" or "verify" button?

    When I have that button showing, I just don't click on it, so nothing starts and I can freely close the launcher and reopen it

  • When I open the luancher it only has the option to verify/repair and no play option. Doesn't matter if I close the interface and come back in. It only has the option to repair. Then once I click repair I cannot stop the process. Even with the launcher closed the verify process carries on. The port hub lights keep flashing, the process is still running in system resources and when I close the computer Windows has to force shut the process.

    I was one of those people that had to remove the game fully when they updated the 64 Bit nonsense after I got stuck endlessly on the loading screen, and then reinstall. It didn't happen before this happened. The verify cycles through every file in the folder and seems to be endlessly downloading stuff. It can be stuck on a single percent of the process for like thirty minutes at times. Its busted or a sick joke by the developer.

    And it takes a whole day each and every time. 25 plus hours. This time I've given up. Pointless waste of my time. BASICALLY cus its gonna be the same again the next time they update or have a heavy maintenance. Life is way too short. I have said it before and I will say it again, this game just doesn't work for me anymore. Its old news. Has to be. I can't be doing this all the time.

    PS They were bragging about how they had improved the interface. What kind of sick joke is that. Haven't got a clue. Never have.

  • You said that it's your only option even if you close/reopen, but did you check here if it isn't still running?

    When I say "fully close it", I mean right click here and hit "Quit", then wait until the icon disappear from the tray, and after that, restart the client

  • I've actually given up with the game. I reckoned that having gone through the pain again it'll probably be ready to update and verify again.

    I dunno what interface client you use but I do that with mine , as you show, wait for the icon to go, fire up again and it still wants to repair. There are no other options. It just opens exactly where it left off when verifying. I just tried several times. And no matter if you close it the process doesn't stop cus I have an ethernet hub under the desk with flashing green lights. And even when I close the client they just keep going. If you check the system resources the GameForge client is still running. Only way to stop it is ......

    We are going round in circles. Forget it. I've given up playing. I'm in Shadowlands now so matters not. I have kinda run this game dry anyway. Just got real bored.