Goodbye and Goodluck

  • I quiting this game. Almost all my friend which i played this game cant play it anymore (they dont work because they still going to school, and they have weaker computers, so they cant upgrade it for now). We choose this game because requiments was good enought to play at start, but now, after 64bit they can no longer play because requiments go up. Yeah u can talk its their own problem sure, do what you want. I tried myself play this game some time, hope they will somehow run this game in future, but now i know, they will not.

    So... it was great journey. Goodbye and good luck to all players who will stay.

    And bad luck Gameforge & BHM, who ruined this game, forced active players to quit focusing only on buyers and killed almost community. We will evade your games in future as there are better companies who care more about players.

    PS. Gameforge should be happy, one complainer less here from now on. :)

  • Hope you enjoyed the journey and good luck on your next adventures.

    It would be nice if we could see more efficient communication between the community, the publishers and developers from now on. There's still a long way to go.

  • I still have my original Tera CD that I bought. I played the game from launch and have seen absolutely zero changes in the basic game format. All the mobs are pretty much cut and paste from everything that was around in those first days. Even the landscape etc is cut and paste. Yet in truth the content has gotten less. Then we had massive groups fighting BAMs and the open world instanced areas were way more populated. Zones were filled to the brim and spanned numerous servers.

    Fast forward to today and its still the same game. The same Velika and same dungeons for the most part as you level and it was all available to me up until a few weeks ago.

    Sadly like you I can no longer play the game. I didn't ask to leave I was junked by the developers. If I could have seen real change in the game I could have appreciated it. But my characters are the same characters as they were a few weeks ago except I can no longer play the game. In 2018 when the servers merged I was forced to delete around eight characters. These were characters that I had bought loads of stuff for with real money. All gone as I was told I couldn't keep them. I had kinda told myself then that I should quit this game. I have to say I hadn't thought the game would now make unusable all my other eight characters with all their hard won and purchased stuff.

    The game hasn't moved on but it is clear it doesn't want our custom. So sad as it may be we have to find other homes. I've already abandoned the game. I'll try and keep it up to date. Took me from yesterday to today at three oclock this afternoon to update the game. Sadly I need another 8GB memory and a better graphics card by the looks of it. Never mind.

    Good luck in your new game and hopefully the creators make a better fist of trying to hang onto their players and actually communicate.

    PS I still have 100 camp fires in my inventory. Man I did use to love this game.

  • We will never have 2012 again, sadly.

    I would literally fund a Classic Server. Got more money than I can spend, but no real incentive to make it happen.