Urgent Fix for PvP Equalised Gear

  • With the new patch equalised gear inside BGs like Gridiron, CS, 3v3 Solo Que got modified to apply magic/physical amplification and resistance...
    I truly believe this have never been tested pvp wise, otherwise i think Krafton Blue Hole should consider to fire people who suggests/works on this kind of patches and the reason is: It's barely playable tbh.
    Dpses are playing with kinda 140-150k amplification inside BGs and i don't reach so much of it on my PvE Ninja even. (Full +15 with op stats rolled)

    With the current state of BGs, dps classes are pretty much hitting for 50% of total hps with a single spell...
    Considering this is NOT a bug, reporting it with the support system is useless and the only thing people can do is to come here and cry GF to bring a sort of regional change in order to fix this crap.

    Do something, before it's too late.

  • I consider myself a PVE player but back in FWC times I would play PVP from time to time since it was so much fun. I was ~Stormcry+5 at the time and no one would be able to kill me 1v1.

    Forward to a few weeks ago, all dungeons were needing a tank and CS was popping, I decided to play some relaxing PVP (yes, CS is relaxing, I'm a moba player don't judge thx).

    Everything started like usual, 1 north rest south, we secured cannon into the gate, some of them dropped down to PVP, I moved to assist and suddenly I'm dead. Respawn, go again. A little zork comes towards me, Pfffff why is that zork challenging me?! 1 shot cyclone.... Later in round, a gunner misses her stuns, easy clap from now and .... 1 shot. Several one shots later, and stairs being secured by a single player killing everyone climbing we lost.

    My first thought was : well, too bad I wasn't in the team with cheaters... I didn't queue back, wasn't intending to touch PVP again anytime soon. Then I see this post. So people are not cheating their way into 3,4,5x kills / skill, its just bluehole being absolutely disconnected with the game they are creating? Sign me for a petition to fix this crap.


    PVE player that wants FWC back

  • Korea just pushed an update on their servers > link


    - PVP common equipment

    ◆ The overall attack performance is slightly reduced, and the weapon's physical / magic amplification is slightly reduced .

    ◆ The overall defense performance is slightly increased .

  • there's a dev comment saying the damage is reduced by around 25% and maybe that excludes def increase

    not sure if that's enough

    also they say they will monitor the updates so i guess another change in 2months

    ssion - mystic

    why are we still here? just to suffer?

  • Speaking about urgent fixes for pvp, the CU consumable bug is still here on EU (each death or summon you lose all your consumables). Looking forward for fixing it again.