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  • I am guessing the repair that is going on right now is the patch downloading. It doesn't tell me anything other than its going to take over 24 hours. I have been running for over an hour now and it still stamds at 3%. That means it will take 33 hours to download unless it speeds up. Sadly I can't leave my computer running for this length of time and I need it for other things. Other downloads for games and such don't take this long and certainly many have options for being able to play before the patch is fully downloaded. Also was there no way to background download parts of this before hand. On Warcraft we get the patch downloading a good month before the game goes live. The speed is very slow cus it seems to be going through a repair and install checking all files. It just says it is verifying at the moment and not installing anything. My download speed is 865KB/s. [ probably take 15 hours minimum ]

    Update: Two hours and just 4%. This is crazy. Never mind, I've had to switch it off.

  • This patch is REALLY long, and slow.

    TBH i didn't really check the method, but even with a good computer and good internet connection it took me like 2 hours, just for the patching part.

    A guildmate is still downloading today.... lolz

    I have gigabit internet (optic fiber) and game is installed on (PCIE) NVMe SSD, good CPU and RAM, and still took 2 hours.

    I've never seen such a slow patch.


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