Characters are being doomzoned during the crashes now.

  • From what I can see on Discord, when a player logs into any character on Mystel, the player is no longer able to log into the character they were on.

    The loaded characters CANNOT interact with the following:

    - TERA Club Functions

    - Skills (0HP / 0MP). Can't run anything if we can't use skills.

    - NPCs (because none load)

    - Parcel Post

    - Leaderboard

    - Tikat

    - Dressing Room

    - Fashion Style (Hair Styles)

    - Buffs

    - Logout (I'm going to guess that going back to Character Select from a character is also broken).

    - Skil Glyphs aren't loaded.

    - Guardians won't update.

    - Can't channel change

    Secondary known side effects:

    - After closing the game or logging out of a character, you cannot log into any character that has been logged into because it is doomzoned.

    - Can't log out and the server doesn't appear to be kicking players yet, probably because any doomzoned character isn't properly logged in on the first place.

    In TERA, we have seen this behaviour before, and the only fix to retrieve characters that have been made inaccessible like this is to wait for maintenance.

    This would usually not be an issue, except that it appears to be affecting a large proportion of active players on Mystel with at least one character, with a high chance of it being a main character due to farming the Double Drop event.

    Formerly Shiro.Neko.Senpai / Adashi.Tan on MT (Kaiator) NA. Now happily doing Warrior/Ninja stuff on Mystel.

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  • I wasn't online when server crashed last time, i just tried to login now and i found the server is broken. only chats work. I tried to logout but didn't work, so I had to force and close the windows.

    I hope to be able to login my char again without waiting for a maintenance :(

    Meanwhile, would be nice to have some words from the GF team.

    I know, maybe not all are working on sundays, but as it's an online business working 24/7, there should be at least one person every day of the week.

  • Just happened to me.

    Don't know if people are currently playing but I can't log in to any character atm. I logged in about 10 mins ago and was 'doomzoned'. Now, I can get to character select and see them doing their sexual strut but I nothing works except the settings button.

  • So there is a way to get character out of doom-zone even without maintenance. That's writing a support ticket to have them forcekick your character of the server. Had it happen to me once and they replied fairly quickly but atm with every character getting doom zoned that wont help you. We just gota hope for a server restart/crash since that kicks everyone offline.

  • Hey all!

    Be assured that we're looking into this, and hope to get a restart and additional server fix applied to solve the issue - at least for our friends affected by the doomzone.

    Stay strong, we're on it! And thanks for the reports!


  • Please can you fix the Glyphs? The active Glyph page for the doomzoned characters have all been reset to no selected glyphs.

    Formerly Shiro.Neko.Senpai / Adashi.Tan on MT (Kaiator) NA. Now happily doing Warrior/Ninja stuff on Mystel.