Server up, but not working

  • It would appear that the server is up and running, but here is today's list of problems:
    no NPCs
    no mobs
    0 HP/MP on your characters
    You can move around the map
    chat in the channels
    open menus works
    you can't use any skills (since no HP/MP)
    all your items "are no longer available"
    Logout doesn't work
    glyphs are reset
    achievements are empty but you have over 1mil achievement points
    companions can be sent out, and returned from, adventures, but loots "are no longer available"
    you can't teleport (no HP/MP)
    can't mount (no HP/MP)

    Parcel Post arrives but won't open

    Time event (collecting items for time being logged in) still works

    Shop can be opened

    Players have reported losing loot boxes

    Seems this has been going on all day, and I'm sure there are other issues that players have noticed not listed here

  • I can log into certain characters but not all. I then have no HP or Mana and no NPCs or other players. Just chat works. If I go to my second page of players I get no response from PLAY and then I can't access any of my other characters or items on the interface.

    It appears broken truly this time and been over an hour so I guess I play something else.

  • I believe the problems are happening only to Mystel server (that's where I am located) because I just created and am able play my character in german server. It is so sad to "have" double loot event... when you actually cannot play. Probably 40% of my dungeon attempts where cancelled by server crashes... when you have to wait until you are able to join the server again... finally, after you get inside you cannot run anything since people dont want to crash, while having same fear as well.. I am returning player and was really looking forward to play Tera again... still hoping it to be fixed asap but I am afraid with every single next day I will start looking for other games to play.....

    plus because it is Sunday, I have a feeling mystel won't be fixed any time soon... unless they announced somewhere that they are working on it right now.

  • Would be really nice to get some feedback or proper statement of what's going on. We didnt get any so far (and I mean even for the regular crashes that started week ago)

  • Hey all!

    Also to let you know here - be assured that we're looking into this, and hope to get a restart and additional server fix applied to solve the issue - at least for our friends affected by the doomzone.

    Stay strong, we're on it! And thanks for the reports!


  • It is a shame that they are not able to fix the continuous failures of the server, we have been a whole week with crashes every 2x3 that was supposed to be fixed with the Wednesday maintenance, which has been useless because it remains the same. And now you go in after the crashes and you show up alone, lifeless, mana and nothing at all. And to top it off, they put a compensation event, which is useless because we can't do anything because we don't know when we're going to fall again, since you get into a DA or a CS and in the middle of the dungeon, so goodbye to the server.

  • They give double loot event, after that, they though that double drop event is to much op se they will do some server problems, and fix them after events end. I tell you its their strategy!

    The double event goes for all the servers, so only us on mystel cant benefit from it even tho it was meant to be a compensation for us. Other servers are laughing and enjoying benefits even tho they have no problems there to begin with. Its hilarious.