CU time for different regions

  • I have had a discussion with some people, both EU and RU and we agreed that having a different time for Civil Unrest on different regions would be good for people that want to engage in different communities. Move CU on RU to like 20:00 Moscow time.

  • What if "engage in different communities" for some ppl means sell hacking services inside CU to make guilds lose under payment? :/

    I don't know, I guess you'll have to ask those people.

    Keep me out of this, I had enough of your guildies bothering me yesterday :)

  • Stay mad kids :)

    And no, you don't need to be the one crashing the server to abuse the crash :)

    Edit : Also, please stop going off topic, I actually legit want to do CU with Russian people, same time wouldn't stop me from exploiting there ^^

  • I dont play this game anymore can i have 2 chest just in case :3

  • I wonder, who from RU community could agree to move CU for later times.

    Are you, by offering this, actually aware about different timezomes around Russia? Some regions have it EU time + 4 hours. So their CU would be in the midnight, while next day they have to wake up for work/studies.

    This time what everybody has is nearly ok. You still can manage to go out during your free weekend day and then come back and dedicate a little time for CU. I am not talking about ppl who have time to play game 24/7 ofc.

  • I am aware, that specific time was a suggestion by a ru player. If you wanna go like that then make ru cu at 2 Pm Mystel time cause RU has times up to 10h ahead. So as it is now some people have to do it at 1am, to which we can apply your logic again, they need to work, study, etc... :)

  • I mean, the sense of this thread is kinda none considering 99% of the cases you prolly want CU on Shakan at different hrs in order to sell hacking services inside there as well with ppl like Brawn...

    Ppl coming here admiting they exploit the game without consequences...
    This forum also reached the bottom... <X

  • Keep crying bro, the way you are going you might as well blame me for spreading corona across the world, idk, whatever floats your boat (: