• Hello everyone,

    I always wanted to try to play TERA Online and give it a shot and I think this time arrived.

    Played Blade&Soul until 1 month ago and even if a lot of people say to not try it I want to try.. time consuming :)

    If you guys are awesome I would like to know a few stuff:

    1. Is there any premium membership? If yes, it's worth to get it?

    2. Which EU server is most active?

    3. Any recommend for PVP/PVE class?

    4. Any tips to know during gameplay as new player?

    5. You are awesome.


  • Not the best time to join TERA. You should have joined 7 years ago instead.

    1.) Yes there is. But it is not important for you yet.

    2.) Pick Mystel. It is the most active one.

    3.) Pick the race and class that you like the most.

    4.) Don't use chained skills, give every class skill its own keybind or otherwise you will always stay bad at the game.

  • Hello, and welcome to tera =D

    1. yes, it's called Tera Club and it gives you some benefits which can help you a lot, but they mostly help when you reached endgame. Should cost around 13€ a month

    there is also the option of buying a game key (i think there are still few available) for almost the same price, but it gives you 8 character slots instead of 2, 4 bank tabs AND a month of Tera Club

    so i'd recommend try the game, and see if you like the combat. Then it's probably more useful if you buy the game key, to further check if you enjoy the perks of tera club (seeing as it's around the same price as normal TC)

    2. Mystel

    3. Tera is different to BnS so just take a look at some videos somewhere or just try out the different classes, you can always restart, and it's an instant deletion mostly if you are below lvl 30 (or 40? @.@) otherwise you gotta wait 24hrs for the character to be deleted

    there are

    the healers/support roles : Mystic + Priest

    tanks: Lancer (most parties prefer that), Brawler (can switch to dps at lvl 69 i believe) and Warrior (mix of tanking and dps class, no level restriction on the role)

    all the others are dps classes

    4. I'd say, read some things the game tells you, some people skip that, and then are clueless later on, also Essential Mana has some guides out there, or just check for new beginner guides

    Also you don't have to rush to endgame as a first timer, take your time, seeing as there will be a new patch next week, which will make an impact on the gearing cycle from 65 onwards

    also it can happen that there will be a long waiting time for the low lvl dungeons (lvl 20 to lvl 65)

    you can try to solo them on your way up

    5. enjoy? ='D


  • Pretty much what has been said above.

    As for number 4, if you have discord you should consider joining some Tera communities that will give you specific information about your areas of interest, such as your class, ongoing events and bugs to mention some.

  • well for 3. If you really care only about being meta like my dumbass friend that already quit by now. Do some research on class discord or you will spend a lot of gold/money to race change.