Personal Gear [Shore Hold] PvP Suggestion

  • It is a part of the game that very few can enjoy only people with equipment and organized groups are equipped and minimal wing is "kick" to people who do not contribute anything.

    They would have to put some way to get easier the "veteran plate" to raise weapons and armor pvp +6, it frustrates me that people like this ask for "kick" and call garbage to others I only see bad people and minimum wing is "kick" come your name is kick kick na more start

    The options would be to be able to remove the option of being able to "kick" in shore, or do it as Gridiron without names with numbers in the nicknames

    Since the players have the power in that instance untouchable groups only bad vibes are created ... because they don't expect what one wants so things don't learn and no progress is made for a better community ..

    That said, I will not go back to shore if there are no changes in this regard, although I am sure that all those people who accept the "kick" will be happy to win is all ...

    I have only made it clear that I doubt I take action on this issue. but that you know that every "kick" you accept me or others

    You are only feeding that fewer people play pvp or leave the tera, said this is only a constructive criticism from my point of view since pvp we have because there is a schedule and a discord for that.

    That said I suppose there will be different opinions on the subject of the ranking without counting people who cheat using external programs such as the proxy or hacks and yes I have found people using teleport in CS that person had the bad luck to record it in a live, and each one assumes its consequences from their actions.

  • Well, thats why u Q CS/Gridiron till u get +6 Weapon/Armor - because that's the content creators idea. Its obvious that to go Shore (place u can loot plates for better gear, u should get minimal required, which is +6). Also game is that state, when pve boots and gloves are much better than pvp ones, so we also try to kick ppl who is full pvp, since they also dont bring any value to the match also the jewellery should be Radiant, since they give so much advantage in pvp case. Well, gear up and come back to Shore friend :)). U have now event that u can open particles and plates without doing pvp.

  • Non-equalized PVP community is toxic, nothing new. Health tip, stick to cs and pve. And let those toxic people keep kicking people and reducing the dead community even more. In this way you don't waste time on that and you make them waste more time.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any other questions.

    With best regards,

  • The full reply is going to be long, so proceed at your own risk.

    TL;DR: Disagree with your suggestion. I propose you just gather people and queue Gridiron instead.


    Let me provide specific details as to why I disagree with you on how this problem should be approached and why I point to the above suggestion instead.

    The kick option is there for a reason. If you remove the option to kick in shore and someone goes offline, the full raid will go AFK, enjoy staying there. Wintrade will be easier than ever.

    Also anyone can check your name in Gridiron, and they don't even need to try to kick you, it's not really anonymous just people have to focus a bit more on you to notice.

    I am the first one who dislikes kicking people from shore or any content at all. I agree with you on the part that it's a feature that shouldn't be abused, as it ruins the progression of many aspiring players which is not positive for the community.

    Specially when you just reached your new +6 and nothing else pops, I understand how it can be very frustrating being kicked from your only chance to do mass pvp in the whole day. Or even when you're over the seemingly initial community requirements and are still getting kicked this may be perceived as toxic.

    Still sometimes you've gotta WAKE UP and don't forget that shore is an UNEQUALIZED environment actually, I'm surprised you wouldn't expect elitist behaviour to happen. It is directly promoted by the system itself.

    Would you bring anyone ungeared to a HM instance or do you tell them to go NM first and come when they are prepared?

    Do you think players that have wasted millions of gold and countless hours to play competitive, are going to display an act of kind noble sacrifice and get their rank/fun ruined so someone who wants to play casually without preparing can go and troll?

    And I say troll because without gear you should know you barely ever stand a chance, regardless of how good you are. Gear is decisive to the match outcome, even more than gameplay sometimes, every player matters. Do you put Bahaar and Channelworks geared players into a same instance and compete in moongourd vs a full Bahaar geared team?

    The gear unbalance is outrageous and the fact the system allows this disparity in a public non LFG matching is a joke but people do not walk in there unwarned of this fact. It does say [Personal Gear] in the matching, that should make you at least a bit suspicious.

    On the other hand, sure other battlegrounds had similar systems before as in level 30-60 CS and there weren't as many kicks. That way you see if many people wanted to queue regardless of gear, they could just do it. It is possible to queue at another time of the day or make lfg and countdown even if they were so worried. They would greatly outnumber that "selective" community you talk about and they would not get kicked at all. Simple isn't it?

    It would be an alternative solution, but I don't think it would work at all. Just as an illustrative example after trying this approach in a few shore guild matches, I saw people coming to realize what unequalized means and not wanting to keep on queueing themselves any longer.

    Still hey guess what, some people enter completely ungeared then they don't queue at all because one time they got in and kicked, that is a very convenient EXCUSE to give up.

    Some people just want everything handled to them directly without doing anything. People should go CS or Gridiron first, make sufficient gear, then go shore to progress as said above. Why are those not popping all day? The same people who cry about being kicked in shore are the ones who don't queue Gridiron enough.

    This is a dying community that lost interest in pvp, coz of various reasons that belong in another post and not just because of 'oh these toxa lords they kick me stahp'. Your biggest problem here ain't just the shore pvp discord elite dreamteam community, even though they too should moderate themselves sometimes.

    Unfortunately the majority of the community is uninterested in queueing pvp, they don't engage into the content either because no one else is queueing during their available playtime or it is just unrewarding and they can't progress through it.

    People don't queue because they can't without others help or they don't want to, FIGHT INACTIVITY, the moment you get people to actually queue Gridiron regularly at any time this nonsense will stop.

    Start by queueing/being available to queue regularly yourself. Give more opportunities to new players by doing this and get profit for it, that's as much as you can do. You can also try to keep gathering ppl by LFG or DCs like others do. There's no guarantee this will do it, but what else can you do?

    Good luck.

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  • you dont even need full +6 now (just the weapon is advised)
    have +15 mythical and best in slot jewlery and no one will kick you
    pve gear is as good as the pvp gear in pvp...only thing is, pvp weapon is much quicker and easier to combo with so try to get the pvp weapon

  • First of all, i think u really need some english lessons... It was really hard to read this topic and try to understand it...

    Minimum requirement for SH is: pvp gear +6 / gold pve gear even +0 / ethereal jewelry (which is 40% basic enchant)
    Clearly like in 3v3 ppl are asking for ppl to be lvl70 in order to que, otherwise they will be some mugatos being farmed during all the match.

    If not matching the minimum requirement asked by the community, in order to try to make the matches as more balanced as they can be, avoid to que for SH.

    Kick is part of the game, it's a feature, deal with it.

  • 3s requirements make even less sense than shore's sometimes. Considering how certain level 70s play, having level 70 is not completely necessary to win a match. Yet it is strongly recommended to make both your teams' and your own experience easier.

    Balance should not be achieved by excluding some people from playing at all. If you eliminate the starting steps and BGs availabilty, people will just try to get into wherever they can and if not just quit leading to stagnation and/or death of the community.

  • Based on my experience and the treatment received what can not be these people insult and treat you like crap in chat just as he said and is disrespectful I will not say the name that person so kind and accept a kick is to be complicit in that and support what he says. "There are only toxic people on pvp +1"

    So the pvp community instead of supporting the growth will only be those who are and without more, I will not even try to queue up in pvp

    To me the only thing that has for me the tera is pve and of the people pvp I am going to pass of them already they can ask for lfg queue cs, grid, shore in the chat, but being a big guild 40 online I do not believe is a prevent to do for pvp.

    Leaving the topic I give up and those who play in pvp will be the pineapple to play that and already

    The day something better than this mmrpg comes out, we'll be playing something else! For the moment, that's what we have.


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  • Basically u crying cuz u getting kicked from a BG u shouldn't even que which is literally non-sense...
    Everyone who plays a videogame for a certain period of time becomes let's say "hardcore", which means they're less disposed on dealing with new players approaching the game...
    U don't see ppl taking non-geared ppl inside dungeons... Are u gonna cry about that? Clearly no.

    SH is a 7v7 where even a single guy without gear is gonna make u lose, because the mechanic behind the cap of a pyre is based on the number of the ppl contesting it... If someone keep dying cuz being 1 shot, u will never be able to have ur chance to win.

    For someone not having the gear i wrote up here, there's literally no need to que SH, because the materials he would get as a reward are not gonna help him improving his gear.
    First que CS and Gridiron to get the mats to get pvp weapon and chest +6 and buy gold gear pve even +0, THEN go SH.

  • First of all, I didn't tell you what equipment I have, and you're getting in over your head.

    You are taking and saying things without knowing I think you can save yourself all that you have said this is a suggestion or changes could be made and not for what you are telling me. I don't need a guide on how to get to that level of pvp and various easy ways but we're not here to tell you.

    On top of that you are one of them I am sure I am talking about and I believe with you I have nothing to say.

    I'm not here to cry like you say, this hasn't happened for a day or a year and it bothers you that someone is talking and creating a theme about this

    That's what your answer says.

    The most feasible would be a pairing by ranking all this takes serious complications


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  • I am definitely one of the ppl who kicked u and obviously i know what i'm talking about...
    If u got kicked, it's bcs u didn't have the minimum requirement in terms of gear in order to play decently the BG...

    And ur thread here is literally about u crying for being kicked, so asking for dumb changes like removing the kick option or covering nicknames (which won't help u if u don't have gear cuz guess what? u gonna get kickes anyway just like already happened.)

    I, as a player, want to be able to vote for a kick for ppl i truly believe are grieving or ruining my gaming experience...
    U need 5 votes in order to kick someone from SH, which means ppl are actually agreeing for the 80%... not like there's much to complain about since it literally means kinda everyone voted to kick...

    Like i said, deal with it and improve ur gear in order to not be kicked.

  • You think they're gonna make any changes? I don't think so.

    The only thing I want to achieve with this is to get more people out of doing pvp. If there's no demand there won't be any pvp.

    Considering it's not worth wasting time with these people.

    You will always be those people who can play your game according to your requirements.

    I shouldn't even have to skip cs,sh,gr but it's not in my power to make it happen

    We're all joining in so that this doesn't happen.

    Even though I don't have your requirements, I can play and win a game, and it all depends on many factors - win or lose, there will always be heads or tails, someone has to lose, and you can have the best team fighting another team that is just as good, and one of us has to lose.

    Whose fault will it be even if they are fully equipped?

    Not everyone has so much time to play work and social life

    to meet your requirements.

    You set the rules and requirements for playing this game mode, which in my opinion is not your decision. But there is between the kick your solution to all the problems.

    So not to feed that would be to end the pvp but as I said this is everyone's decision

    That being said, let's each do what we want.


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  • Everyone who plays a videogame for a certain period of time becomes let's say "hardcore", which means they're less disposed on dealing with new players approaching the game...

    No it doesn't really mean that, it may be the case for some people but it definitely isn't for everyone.

    The only thing I want to achieve with this is to get more people out of doing pvp.

    It is quite unfortunate that you reached that conclusion, instead of contributing to making pvp a better environment for the community yourself.

    I want exactly the opposite, to get more people into pvp, so I can't support you on this as pvp is my main reason to play this game. I believe other people should be able to enjoy it too.

    I hope you reconsider your stance and see how taking more people in will benefit us the most, instead of this elite kicking and pvp boicot campaigns that brings us nowhere.