Can't login, can't contact support, so where I go? '~'

  • Well after some weeks I wanted to log on my account again, check friends.., last time I logged it was few days after merge " that nuked killiam and owpvp ;( "
    Today I've tried to log and WOW they updated their home page, looks petry fine!, and launcher as well too, but... well... something is weirdo :/

    When I log this mesage appears " wait I already had an account, why does it says account creation while I already had one? :/ "
    okay so let's contact support then ...


    I'm feel like:

  • Hi, in order to contact support you need to make a separate account and link your game account to it (the e-mail address). I recommend this because it saves time (the account linking), the support team will know that you are the owner of the account and they can begin to help you right away.