Scam Event!

  • Enhancment rate should be shown by LAW, a lot of people lost money and IRL money for RNG with this event and did not progress or even yet their gear became WORSE.

    There is no difference between wasting real money on loot boxes and gearing up, success % should be shown according to the LAW, if the company is not complying it should be sued!

  • In china there is law that forces companies to display loot boxes odds, idk about enchantement tho.

    You can't even be sure if this 50% was actually working, maybe it was down just like drop rates. Oops sorry, buy more gambling boxes and gamble your money away.

  • Hi here in Germany it is no different so now that the event of the + is over, I have to say I find a piggy bank what was done over 150 attempts, over 2 million gold, over 300 pure darium repair stone, over 400 dark fragments away and the armor and weapons are from 13,13,13,13 to 14,14,14,14 where is the improvement measured please. give the people your stuff again and downgrade everything before the event and make the event again this time so that it also works.

    Weekly farming just for the cats

  • hm i think you got GAMEforged. im sorry for that , i got a similar problem over 3m gold , 890 repair mats gone , just for 11-12? ya that new upgrade system is alot of fun kappa-hd-transparent-png-clipart-free-download-ya-clap-twitch-kappa-emote-transparent-840_719.png