• I'm not totally opposed to returning, I ended my TC subscription. I came back to this game to pvp, but they had ruined that with their adv skills and ep systems. and a super grindy gear progression system, but i thought fine ill try it, now they just straight up delete time and money put into the game with an rng mechanic so clearly they dont want players... maybe they fix it ill look back in on the game in maybe 6 months time.

  • Not really, the game looks pretty interesting (I'm definitely gonna try it out whenever it comes out in the West) BUT the combat system & mob design so far is pretty boring (compared to Tera's combat system at least) but to be fair its only Alpha-Tests for now but ehh they really would need to add more stuff to actually kill Tera for good. (Which won't happen, just saying)

    Worst patch in the history of tera - I'm done with this game until they revamp a lot of stuff.

  • Nice, I have been searching for a game with a similar gameplay anyway since I left.

    At least it's paying off that I visit this forum from time to time to check the state of the game^^

    They don't need to add stuff to kill Tera. You can trustfully leave that to....

  • Blue Protocol...

    1 race, 4 classes and it looks like every class has 8 skills only.

    8 skills (or 5 skills + left & right mousebuttons + Ultimate) in a action combat game :lol:

    Each class should have at least 20 skills if it wants to be a proper action combat game.

    This game will fail.

  • We will see but i prefer being confident about this game

    in the worst case ,i still have my main mmorpg(FFXIV) anyway but it would be nice to finally see a mmo who play exactly like tera and do far better in everything else like story,donjon etc...

    That would be truly amazing

  • Cheers for that decision and have fun in another game.

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