Anyone els crashing? Any solutions?

  • Hi, Playing from shen server.#

    The game was running fine untill yesterday when i started having this issue (bug?) when in the game launches and i click server and then character and once it loads to 100 it crashes.

    This happens on every character from the same account whistle when i use another account or a friends account im able to log into the game.

    A friend of mine and few others on the server have been having the loading screen crash issue as well and all in particular with 1 account.

    Ive pretty much tried out verifying the game/fix/repair the game via launcher,restart client, and few other solutions i found on similar issues.Nothing worked.

    knowing its weekend and GF wont be working.

    IF, anyone has had the same issue and solved it kindly post what uve tried/ or if u have any suggestion provide please.

    thank you.

  • Solution: Say goodbye to fail forge and Uninstall

    Save yourself the effort. Support wont give a crap and will slap you with an auto reply because they don't even know what is wrong with the game since 2013.

    Learn by your mistakes or never improve~ :xeno:


  • If a company, publisher don't want to do something to stop this slowly agony, despite players have said infinite times what doesn't work in this game, save your time for a game that deserves your attention, unistall this living dead game and say "farewell gameoverforge, may we never meet again". That's all