Russian DOUBLE Enchanting Events


    Google translate it. Russia had an Event (not the first time this happened) which gave

    - double upgrade chance for all old gear and all jewelry

    - double upgrade chance for ALL CURRENT GEAR (includes ANNIHILATION & DARK LIGHT!!!)

    - increased upgrade chance for relics and halidoms (which RU had a few times already, imagine actually being able to get a Tier V relic & halidom kek - its literally standard to have for endgame players over there)

    Why is Europe not able to do Events like this? :?::?::?: We gave you guys so much feedback but compared to other regions like NA & RU I personally cannot see anything that has been done to improve this patch for our region. This Event was HUGE in Russia - a ton of people were legit spaming enchant in seconds if you were watching a stream at that time. So many people were able to upgrade their gear but meanwhile in europe - everyone that doesnt grind for weeks or just p2w's their gear to +15 cannot keep up anymore.

    Worst patch in the history of tera - I'm done with this game until they revamp a lot of stuff.

  • I did ask about relics enchant event 3 months ago and still didn't get a reply from a cm so don't think your questions will be answered.

    At this point they don't give a shit about free players or tc subscribers, it's all about the whales.

    If whales will get their t5 relics what will they spend their money on?

    Look how conveniently you can buy gold relic and halidom in shop for only 1000 tt.

    Same with improved feedstocks, we will get ingame source for those after whales will stop spending thousands of euro every month on boxes.

    Then they will come up with new scheme to milk them for more money and the cycle will begin anew.

  • This wouldn't solve anything. The people that will able to attend the event will get t5 relics and easy enchant. But returning and new players will get shafted. Just increase the rates or change the system so you can get it through reasonable effort.

  • What are you expecting?

    Even 50% event is inactive for weeks now:D

    Btw: that event increased the worth to play this game by 50% aswell.

    So we take the 0% base value right now and add 50% and we had like 50% Fun.

    Now we're back to zero:thumbsup:

  • It feels like gameforge dont care about playerbase...

    event like this will make people return, make tera more fun + alot more people will not quit, im seeing my friendlist dying slowly and slowly because of that rng..

    4.5 mil wasted to make gloves +15 result? +11 Good game Gameforge u deserve a medal.

    Increase chances of enchant + chances to get mats not that too much rng shit.

    give us enchant event every 2 month like tera russia have!

    thats why their playbase is strong and live. not like eu that dont give a crap about us

  • It would really ease the cancer that is enchanting new gears and relics to have that kind of event regularly in Tera EU.

    We could alternate 1 month double enchant chance for PVP gear, 1 month relics and halidoms and 1 month PVE gear (including new P2W RNG gear), every one would be happy, even whales.

    But I guess, even if Gameforge would earn money from it (cause if people would have more chance to upgrade, they would be more inclined to spend real money in cash shop), they don't seem to care anymore.

    Btw Tera Russia seems like heaven to me now, do they have an english version, do we need a VPN to play there ?

    Makes me want to start again in their servers.

    RNG + Grind = cancer

    Someone at Bluehole Studio thinks that fun is spelled G-R-I-N-D

    TERA : The Endless Recycling until Agony