Returning player (after like 5-6 years) some question about the game

  • Hard to tell the elitist part of the game to a returning player who's far from being that person.

    So what, he can't think ahead? I think stating extra information regarding his future if he starts out is better than hiding the bad news from him. I don't want him to regret the decision of installing the game in this state.


    What? xD Casual players doesn't mean they don't do high end stuff and they only "dress up their barbie characters".

    Players in general wish to become better at a game they are playing, unless they are treating it as a dress-up or chit-chat simulator. Let's face it, the only one who doesn't know what "casual" means, is you. You are just a social butterfly that only cares about the social aspects, like talking with guildies during some low tier braindamaging dungeon for the 500th time. But that's more of a roleplayer gameplay, rather than "casual".

    Casual just means that they play the game less than a NEET or a high school student, but they still want to become better at the game, EXCEPT that in TERA, they can not, unless they Pay to Win. So they are forced to be more like you, just enjoy the social aspects and farm the lowest levels of dungeons for the 500th time, being bottlenecked by droprate that can only be skipped by going into the TERA Shop.

  • So many assumptions you're throwing around, it's just funny.

    You are just a social butterfly


    But let's see the most accepted definition given by the internet.

    "A person who plays games but aren't competitive. Usually they are just there to be social and have fun but if they end up losing in the game they wouldn't mind. They don't put in a lot of effort to try to win. They may or may not play long hours of games. A casual gamer doesn't place their gaming as a first priority."

    Meaning as they just sit down, relax, play whatever they want (can be AQ too, not just TR for the 500th time as you imply for whatever reason), they do what they can but that's all, won't try hard.

    So question is, just because players aren't try harding for better dps they're immediately out of the "casual" group since that's what you're trying to say, they're immediately barbie dress up players who roleplay. o.O

    I don't consider myself a butterfly, I don't care about social aspects since I'm in a guild alone, I don't consider AQ as a low dungeon what I did for the 500th time but I do enjoy talking to people, people that are at least fun to talk to and don't talk nonsense like you do and can actually back up what they're saying if asked. Get off your high horse and see the world as it is and don't be so biased by hate please. ._.

  • But let's see the most accepted definition given by the internet.

    "A person who plays games but aren't competitive. Usually they are just there to be social and have fun but if they end up losing in the game they wouldn't mind. They don't put in a lot of effort to try to win. They may or may not play long hours of games. A casual gamer doesn't place their gaming as a first priority."

    First of all, you did not even source your definition properly. You linked random words and phrases, good job.

    Secondly, that's essentially the exact same thing I said. They do not waste all their life playing it, because they have a life, a job, a family or some other more productive hobbies, but they still like to chill in a video game time to time.

    As a casual player, I like to learn the games I play in depth and perform as good as I can, no matter how "nooby" I am. In fact, that's how you stop being a noob, by improving. But in TERA as a casual you'll eventually hit a wall where the game just says "nu-uh, pay up", if you want to further improve your difficulty level. You're going to be held back by arbitrary invisible chains, you'll feel like you reached a stall, no progress.The replayability in TERA used to be fun in the form of alt characters (classes), but they made sure that even alts are a pain in the ass now to gear and level up, so there goes that.

    So at that point, the casual gamer will be like "that aint cool, I'll go find some better game", and consider TERA a failure, as in it's current state TERA is no fun, not a complete video game (like a demo, get it?), and what we non-payers, non-lifers get is something more similar to VR-Chat.

    Also, I'm not assuming, I'm very well aware of the likes of the players that play TERA. Maybe perhaps you need to sit down (or in your case, stand up lul) one day and think about things outside of TERA, instead of mindlessly spending all your freetime on it, even at 4 am.

  • Geez, if 2 seconds of googling is your biggest issue, there…e.php?term=Casual%20Gamer

    Secondly, that's essentially the exact same thing I said. They do not waste all their life playing it, because they have a life, a job, a family or some other more productive hobbies, but they still like to chill in a video game time to time.

    So if that's the case, why do you wash together the casuals with the roleplayers? They both can do the same you know.

    There are still many players left around to play, because they enjoy what is given and I'm not sure what privilege you have here to speak in everyone's name. o.O You're clearly just driven by hate, focusing on one thing and bash everyone who disagrees with you and still enjoys the game for what it can offer.

    And I'm not sure what wall I hit, I didn't spend a single dime on the game and I still can do high end content on a decent level, not high dps but not as low, it's still enjoyable and no "paywall" or anything like that was met.

    Yes, progress can be slow as hell, I can tell that, I don't have the BiS gear since I gear up slowly and can't grind that much but it's definitely possible without paying.

  • well if u not care of being "OP AF" or trying to be best DPS or w/e

    u can have alot of fun when playing, yeah they right about Anni normal gear hard to enchant feels alot like p2w, for example i spent 4.5mil trying make gloves +15 ended up with +11.

    but if u dont care about "buffed gear" and lose around 10% dps overall in next gear patch u can go eternal anni gear with is based on token currently farmed from AQ or WHE (20 tokens per gear part) and maybe less chance to succeded enchant it but its cheaper to echant + less mats + no downgrade + no need for semi p2w mats (Improved feedstocks) until trying to enchant +14 on new gear compare to old anni with buff for mythical that need Imp feedstocks from +10 and has chance to downgrade and x2 more mats and x2 more expensive to enchant, so if u not in the need for it, and just want to have fun while playing u can go eternal gear and have fun, mythical gear will only come for eu around 3-5 month from now.

  • Whatever you do in-game, casual, competitive or elitist.

    When you see that maintenance cycle goes from weekly to monthly... and only cash shop "updates"... :D

    The game is one thing, the editor is one other. The game itself was still breathing till those recent patches. I mean crystals were the corner stone of your character defense/damage, glyphes were optimizations.

    Now stuffs dropped ALL the point of optimization, no crystals with fucked up high base stat 'cuz it was so hard to understand (?!), everyone uses same glyphs from years, so what about removing them and just modify skills itself ?

    We are at that point where you play TERA, but it's not really TERA anymore.

    So, if you want to play casually, do business...etc well, it's fine since whatever the game, you just enjoy a part of the content that's still there.

    But if you play TERA because you like the gameplay, the complexity of cumulated optimizations and stats... it's doomed.

    And if you are more about "elitism"... as Epeiste someone told me in 2015 (i asked him because dpsmeter was strange) "lol everyone uses proxy from at least 1 year" (yes, it was in 2015).

    You know what, it's like Skyrim. Game is nice with 80 mods, but plain and boring in vanilla.

    >info : i play from april 2012, so, i know how the game metamorphosed (yep) over the time. Since last year i only login daily 5 minuts and don't play anymore, this is not TERA.


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  • LittlePengu

    go try the game, you got nothing to loose.

    Despite all the negative opinions, there are still some people that still playing playing tera.

    There were many changes, good and bad. But if u said you just wanna have fun with dungs by playing Brawler, do it. Brawler is not the best tank i know, but then you will always get Party for most Dungeons as a tank.

    Have fun!!!


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  • You are saying "there are still some people that still playing" lol."Still" and "Some" words telling everything tbh.And the tragicomic side is moderator is saying this.

    The sentence is telling "Yeah the game in really bad situation and ruined everything also so many people left.At least we have some people who are still playing."

    So how can we say good things about the game ? The game loosing blood because of so many bad changes.I cant call TERA anymore.Gf And Bhs have to change the name.Like "Milking Online" "Cash2play Online" "P2w Online" etc.

    Bad comments doesnt come from the sky.Basically both companies ruined the game.Thats all i can say.And yeah as Momo said,you can try for instant leave after 1-2 hours.

  • Is game still pretty populated? No

    The population seems lower than it used to be, which wasn't something fantastic to begin with. Still there are enough people to play with if you want to at least for dungeons.

    Can I find people for dungeopns and so on without any problems? No

    Soloing dungeons is not recommended for a casual gameplay at least for the endgame ones. It's recommended that you find a group of friends, guild and check LFG regularly. After doing so...

    You will probably face at least one of the following:

    -People are not online to queue for content outside of peak times (highest activity peak happens around 20:00 on weekdays and 17:00 on Sunday).

    -People are online to queue for content but they don't want to tag that specific content, each wants to do one specific thing and they won't agree to something different, therefore nothing pops. Multiple events can change people's regular dungeon schedules, this can work for or against you.

    -The only people who are online and willing to engage into the content of your choice, are unwilling to take in casuals because they require the run to be smooth (mostly because of playtime or other personal reason limitations). So they will ask that you're skilled or geared to a certain extent. If on a first boss run you don't deal the desired DPS count/performance or you don't have enough gear to qualify they may not take you in.

    How long will I need to actually get decent gear that will let me queue for endgame dungeons?

    With or without p2w? If you have enough ingame gold the gear itself is tradeable so you will have 0 problems, otherwise it's up to your activity and ease in finding dungeon pops.

    Would you generally reacommend the game in 2020 or should I just wait for new titles that gonna release this year? Yes, absolutely

    Give it a go and see how it works for you. Despite a series of questionable decisions, if you have never played the game before or you did it a long time ago, you may want to login and see how this combat system has aged for you. Overall the game itself is quite enjoyable, granted you meet the requirements to engage into the content you want. Other game aspects don't matter as much as far as casual gameplay goes.

    Brawler is also pretty nice as a starter, though in endgame some people might require a lancer. Despite that being a tank overall should make it easier to find a party. If you find a good healer to team up with you're pretty much set most of the time.

    So yeah best advice I could give you is just login, whisper in a few people, check LFG in the time when you intend to play and if you like what you see you may continue.

  • Lose. It's spelled lose, mister EN-Moderator.

    Also, I think I just got a brain aneurysm after reading that post.

  • This guy gets it.

    The only times this game had were:




    VM3 was the turning point where they started to become greedy. The loot boxes had started not long ago and BiS gear for VM3 didn't even have a unique design for it like the 2 previous patches. It was just a tier 4 levelling gear stuck on it. Shortly after they removed the gear remodeller so if you didn't want to have some garbage looking lazy skinned gear to represent your time spent in the game, you were basically forced to buy skins from the shop. (This wasn't a big issue back then at all, especially compared to the game now, but still something that give the signal away for where they were heading with the game.)

    Not to mention they started putting enchanting items on shop for money like mwa and mes that people would grind and farm hard for. Then ofc they started nerfing them from the instances that people would farm them from and none of this helped either side of the community as this was basically the rise of p2w in it's early form and effected pvp a lot more than in pve.

    Alot will still argue to this day that these farming instances LoT, ET, KN etc were shortcuts to bypass the dungeons intended at endgame but for a lot of players it was a way to be able to play without having to no life and enjoy the game, without relogging 20x alts to just to farm mats.

    Then once +15 hit in VM4 that was basically rip from there onwards. Every other good aspect of the game got either ruined or removed entirely.

    The decline continued from then to where it is today.

    @Little Pengu If you go in expecting to be able to play the game, good luck because there is nothing left.

    There were different ways of enjoying the game back when you played before with different kinds of content and stuff to do, unlike now.

    Good luck finding a guild that accepts new players that isn't elitist or dead.

    Otherwise I would recommend just looking for any other game. Unless you enjoy afking in main town and speaking to braindeads, while you wait for 3hour + queues to pop.

    Learn by your mistakes or never improve~ :xeno:

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