[FAQ] SEA Server

  • Dear community,

    as announced a while ago here, Gameforge will soon take over the publishings for TERA in Southeast Asia, unfolding a new chapter in the history of Arborea!

    We would like to share with you some more detailed information about it in our FAQ.


    When will Gameforge start running TERA in Southeast Asia?

    On 9th January 2020.

    On which build version will the SEA server run?

    We will update the build version to the current Build 88 Patch with the start of our live service in SEA

    Do players get to keep their progress to date?

    Yes, players get to keep their progress as well as their items. Temporary items will not be transferred, however.

    What will happen to my guild/bank/friends list/Buddy-Up codes?

    The guild, bank and friends list remain unchanged.

    Old Buddy-Up codes can no longer be used.

    Will characters and guilds keep their names?

    Characters and guilds that include non-latin characters will unfortunately not be able to keep the name as the client won’t be able to display them.

    • Affected Characters will be automatically asked to be renamed before logging in.
    • Affected guilds will be automatically renamed. All guild masters of the affected guild can log into the game and use the in-game function to rename the guild.

    Do I keep all the character slots I currently have?


    What will happen to the TERA Club membership?

    Players who have an active TERA Club subscription will enjoy Club benefits on our servers.

    What happens to the premium currency I had on the Southeast Asian servers?

    Premium currency will not be transferred.

    Do I need to do prepare anything for the change?

    Please claim all items in your item claim, item broker, mailbox and guild bank before the server shuts down as unclaimed items may be lost otherwise.

    Will all my current characters be transferred?

    Yes, all characters will be transferred

    In which languages can TERA be played in Southeast Asia?

    English, German and French. However, some content may not be available in German and


    Will there be a specific Southeast Asian server?

    Yes. The server name will be “Shen”.

    Can players move to the EU server and vice versa?

    That is not planned at the moment.

    Can players play in instances with EU players?

    No, Southeast Asia will have its own dungeon server in order to reduce lag issues.

    Which languages can players use to communicate in the forums and get help?

    Unfortunately we cannot provide any in-game support in Southeast Asian languages, hence this service is only available in English, French and German. This also applies to the forums.

    Migration Questions


    When does the migration start?

    The migration will start on 07.01.2020.

    How does the migration work?

    Create a Gameforge account on the migration website (Link will be shared later) or sign in with a Gameforge account.

    When requested, log in with your Playwith details to link your accounts.

    o Download the Gameforge client and sign in with your new Gameforge account details.

    How long do I have to transfer my account?

    The migration will be possible until 10.02.2020.

    Is it possible to transfer to the Steam version?

    No, that will not be possible. Players can however start from scratch on Steam, should they so choose.

    Additional information:

    Please keep in mind that for the first weeks the number of the characters slots might not be accurate.

    The TERA team

  • Dear community,

    The migration website is now available! You can now migrate your accounts by visiting the following link :


    Edit 11/2/2020: The migration site is no longer available!


    Please keep in mind that for the first couple weeks the number of the characters slots might be inaccurate.

    Your Tera Team

  • Dear community,

    the migration site is no longer available, since the timeframe to migrate your accounts ended yesterday.


    In case you would like to play TERA, you will have to register a brand new account on our website: https://en.tera.gameforge.com/landingpage/freetoplay/ !

    The TERA team