Increase Chances for radiant Jewl Success + more drops of mats of radiant

  • Hey! first -

    Enchant rate from eth to radiant is extremely low - 10% base chance.

    more rng than that?!

    + Dungeon who drops mats for Radiant are not many, and they drop so few mats for jewl, so impossible to enchant plus people not longer doing those dugneon so extremely low chances!

    yeah the azart token are great for replacing it, but its rare.

  • actually no

    RAdiant is BiS right now, if you make it easeir ot access you make crafting evne more worthless than it currently is

    Only because it's BiS doesn't mean make it impossible to reach only because they failed to implement proper ways after a content is dead. And crafting was always useless if you didn't craft diamonds with additives. But hey today mentality : If it's BiS it should be almost unobtainable. How about we add Gold weapons to timed Event dungeon once a Year because they are BiS.

    People act like there are hundreds of GVHM or DFHM lfgs

  • i guess u did it on echant event huh? still need make better drop rates.

    there was no enchant event for radiant

    if anythnig i dont evne have it maxed myself because DFH is basically impossible ot make unless you go out of your way

  • Most people could gather all the remaining mats thanks to EMs like Bathysmal Rise, which were dropping a ton of them. Now it takes ages to get mats for just 1 try, considering you get only 1 mat each from vg and u may not get anything from a dung drop, and you need 24 for a try on rings/earrings and even more for the rest.

    Possible solutions, make them a group loot in WHE, put Azart Expedition Badges to GVH and DFH back or increase drop in the dungs themselves.

  • or give back Bathysmal Rise. or increase drop rates of mats of dfhm and gvhm by x3-5 (even with x3 drop rate and azart token back u need to do like 10 runs for 1 try thats stupid af with rng of 10% enchant rate)

  • What do you mean 9 million Belicarium for 1 try on a 10% base chance is good. Especially when you only get 200k (if you win) after 15 minutes .... If the BG ever pop ups.

  • Nice addition GF, as if you did nothing, at least for me.

    As I already stated many times, you are unable to set prices and rewards in any shop and for any VG, yet again you have proved my right :thumbdown:

  • - The addition of the jewels mats in belic was a must and it was requested by most of the players.

    - 200k Belic per piece is a reasonable price to make the battlegrounds pop again

    - Wintera lose = 43k belic and win = 130k belic , and it takes 5 minutes for a match

    No point about you crying

  • - The addition of the jewels mats in belic was a must and it was requested by most of the players.

    - 200k Belic per piece is a reasonable price to make the battlegrounds pop again

    - Wintera lose = 43k belic and win = 130k belic , and it takes 5 minutes for a match

    No point about you crying

    do math, AMP I? 30 mats each try so thats 6MIL each try, 4.8mil if u got AMP II and and 7.2mil with not amp,

    so for 1 enchant try with AMP II u need freaking 35.5 wins for 1 try, now base % is 10% u need atleast 10 tries average to make it radiant, so on average 355.5 wins every radiant jewl make it x5 and u get 1777 wins on average for full radiant and all of that only if u get AMP II on ur Jewl, still reasonable? dont think so... clearly you didnt did the math.

  • And then people wonder why PvP is abandoned and shit. WTF you get a Weapon for 250k beli credits and only 1 material out of 30 for the same amount?

    If they truly want to make PvP somewhat rewarding so more people join it they need to add these mateirals in the Plates boxes.

    Add Earring and Necklace Materials in Daric Boxes (So a reason to que CS)

    Add Ring and Circlet Materials in Plate Boxes (So a reason to que of SH)

    just 50% chance to get these materials additional to the Darics/Plates upon opening these boxes

    If you need 1777 WINS on avg for full set of accessories that abysmal. Even full Visionmaker 1 took WAY WAAAY less PvP.

    Even if you win 10 times a Day it takes 177 days to finish the set. And im 100% certain that in 6 months there is already a new set with Phys and Magic amplification. Also spending all Credits from the 1777 wins only for accessory materials just delay you PvP gear progression by 1777 Wins. How many potential plates/brooches/innerwear do you lose for paying this amount of belicarium points? There are still people running with +6 gear since they added PvP Gear and you are fine with 200k per material? Ofc maybe the gear is obsolete by now. You said there is no other reason to que for BGs. With this addition nothing change because people wont que either they just doing Dungeon for materials. Ti increase activity you need to make the material gain equal or even better. This is a Korean MMORPG people don't play fun they play the most efficent way. I never saw a group running old dungeon with low gear. For example Bahaar with absolute Minimum Gear just for challenge or Fun. All they want is getting their stuff the fastes way.

    One Dungeon run gives you atleast one Necklace + Circlet or Ring + Earring material just for the VG quest + potential more if you roll is lucky. How much effort does it take for One run of GVHM or DFHM?

    You only need 4 or 6 players to enter => SH need 13 other people CS even more

    You can finish GVHM/GVHM on avg within 12 minutes

    You are not relying on BG schedules or Events

    You get 2 materials + random loot and especially Gold safe => in PvP you get at best 1 material if you >WIN<

    But have fun grinding 1777 wins (just pray you don*t reach over 40 or 50% like other people so more wins are needed.

    This is why PvP is trash. There is no reason at all for a PvE player to even try out PvP. But PvP elitist dont want PvE player but in the same time crying about no BG matches at all.

    PvP is dead. You can't revive it with small bandaid fixes. PvP start dying at the moment when BHS decided to seperate PvP and PvE Gear. PvE player need to do PvP in order to obtain VM1 and vice versa. So in fact most former people who played PvP were just PvE player and joined BG because they need to this for BiS.

    But they can't do it again because people are used to it by now doing only PvE for their gear.

    But in the end why do i care i don't play PvP at all anymore since VM2. Maybe it's because the reason i said above who knows.

  • First of all i don't play this game at all at the moment due to some bullshit BHS decission

    Where did i said PvP should STFU? in fact i said that 200k beli credits is way to overpriced and some people agree.

    Your logic makes no sence at all:

    200k beli credits for ONE materials where you need 30 pieces for a 10% base chance accessory? you think people will now join BGs so they pop at all? Especially if there are way better ways? And your example with 5 minutes was for Wintera ... EVENT battleground *facepalm* Surely it stays until Summer 2020 :^)

    But hey PvP works perfect. No adjustmenst needed. that why PvP is so acitve and alive. Right and if you que for BGs you will just bypass the time by doing some Open World PvP .... oh wait i forgot there is no PvP Server anymore

    Also the biggest problem with this community. They fix something very poorly and the community be like: Yea TeRA iS BEsT GamE NoW.

    Was there any positive thread since 2015/16? I only see threads requesting for fixes and changes. They can just delete the Forum. I mean Revelation only deleted their official Forum because it was full of negative feedback. Just look at the front page. Complete Clown Fiesta. And why? Because people are happy with poor fixes and soon after the fixes always THE SAME F**** issues come back.

    The better question is why are people dont wanna join BGs anymore?

    They removed daily Strongbox Key -> People who only did CS for this stop que at all

    They revamped PvE Gear so there was no reason anymore to stack victory boxes as they gave new VM materials before HM was even released. You get the idea > people who want to prepare for next visionmaker don't que anmore aswell.

    So how about give these "go do your 15 GVHM runs people" a reason to que for BGs again so it actually pops up again?

  • The only thing that the addition of jewelry mats for 200k credits is doing is making wintera active. When wintera will be closed, it's simply not worth it to queue battlegrounds for jewerly mats because PvE will, as usual, have more rewards in less time.

    Some math in the image above. If I did my math correctly (I'm not a mathematician) the average player will get a succes after 5 tries. Assuming your winrate is around 50% it will result in an average like 125k credits per game (I can't recall the exact values, I don't think I'm too far off though). It will take you around 48 games to get one try, 30 mats, for your jewellery. Taking the average of 5 tries, it will take you 240 games per succes, a grand total of 1440 games for full radiant. If you'd do 6 CS a day (~2 hours if queue times are limited), it would take you 240 days for full radiant.

    Conclusion: after wintera this change will be totally useless because of the ridiculous pricing, this will not make battlegrounds active because PvE is still way more rewarding than PvP.