Battlegrounds Not Popping

  • those big peaks at 2013 was around and before when alliance was added

    then alliance went unchanged by bluehole for 3 whole years. they did absolutely nothing including fixing day1 bugs that players complained about every week. that whole downward spike after 2013 was completely blueholes fault for not keeping their content relevant...

    then in 2016 alliance, guild castles and crusade was removed that completely killed competition battlegrounds and cu was added

    (nevermind the finnish text)

    you can see a little bump (from 0 because alliance wasn't updated for 3years) to this small peak that didn't last even few months and then back to 0, they even kept battlegrounds without any leaderboards for over a year. this killed guilds, bgs and motivation.

    everyone who played tera to maxlvl wanting to do pvp after seeing this amazing combat knows what great potential these publishers and developers are wasting into obscurity.

    devs have literally removed more than half of the game and given us barely working buggy cu, soloque bgs, ruined gridiron and shorehold with 1 healer per side and made guilds meaningless due to everything fun being removed

    and fixing all of this was/is so simple...

    if something is fun, don't break it only keep it relevant to rest of the content

    if something sucks remove it and replace.. devs literally did the opposite

  • I noticed that even people with +6 get kicked on shore without excuse, how do you want bgs to pop if you push people from q-ing? Want to do something for this game's pvp? Start by informing every guild's members to not kick without/for personal reasons. Just play the game! The fact that you expect everything to be done magically from gameforge while the community is itself as toxic and idle as ever is beyond me. This whole kicking thing is a good reason why many people have stopped caring about bgs over the years. Personally i'd like to see new blood in bgs and not only the same toxic people over and over, it has become more repetitive and boring than pve.

  • playerbase pushes ppl from queing? mate you need to look at what we have to work against with pve gear being better than pvp and the bg being 7v7 where individual performance is much more important than in 15v15

    this whole situation is a disgrace and you cant blame players for it

  • I dont blame only players, of course gameforge has messed up and its the main reason we are here, but since we all see that this company does nothing to improve the situation what do we do? we make it worse by kicking in bgs. If i see someone undergeared ,meaning below +6 i also vote yes, but when a player with decent equipment gets kicked thats just crappy attitude from a few elite crybabies. Not everyone is playing the game for years so you cant demand from everyone to have a certain skill level, people need to play in order to learn. I agree that on sh every single player counts more than fwc or cs, but since sh is the only bg that somewhat pops regularly people need to be more flexible about what they ask from others. I know it's gf's issue that pvp content is almost non existant but since this is the current situation we are in everyone should get down off their high horse and be more helpful and tolerant.

    FYI i'm not speaking to someone in this thread indirectly i'm just saying what i actually see happening in the game.


    “I thought it would be important to start a constructive discussion about can be done to improve PVP. I'll share my own thoughts and hopefully have others comment concerns to hopefully pass it on to BH/EME to get positive changes in the future.

    Right now I feel that BH has made a critical error in making 'progression battlegrounds'. What I mean is that currently players need to play CS (and grid when available) exclusively to get the particles needed for +6 set. Once you get a +6 set, you can begin to queue shore for plates. This has created an imbalance of players in the battlegrounds. In the past, people would queue FWC then CS and get the same mats encouraging more healthy alternating of bg's. You got the same rewards from both so queueing up would mean you can buy what you need. Now people are playing one or the other battlegrounds depending on their gear so far are now facing lack of population in Shore Hold and high populations in CS.

    Eventually, the balance will possibly shift to more people playing Shore and less CS once more people gear up but this still means a problem.( THIS IS THE CURRENT PROBLEM.)Essentially this is a big deal because at any given point, there wont be equal number of players wanting to play each battleground (hence the 10 hour queue screenshot).

    A proposed change I'd say is offer particles and plates from both battlegrounds (ie instead of 4 particle boxes for a win in CS, it could be 2 particle boxes and 2 plate boxes and 1:1 for a loss). While you can buy plates/particles with credits, I dont think anyone would disagree with me when I say the main influx of the materials needed are coming from the boxes. Particles are somewhat buyable with BG credits if you are close but plates are 100% not worth buying by any means. Winning a battleground would barely give you enough credits to buy ONE plate. You'd need to queue almost 25+ bg's and WIN to buy enough plates for one attempt at +7-9 which is completely absurd.(EXACTLY THE SAME SUGGESTION I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO PUT FORWARD)

    Another point about shore is that the skill level of players matters a lot more in shorehold. The problem right now is that those who grinded for +6 set and beyond are queueing shore as an extremely small population. What I mean is that there might be 20 or so players who are actively trying to play shore and anyone new that pops up will have to face these players and get stomped. The toxicity is also extremely high in this bg due to this reason. The problem is that players spend all their time in CS to get +6 and when they queue shore for plates, they are inexperienced in the battleground. Not to mention because the queue times are so long, players often kicked anyone new or undergeared out of the battleground completely. This causes them to not want to queue again whether its due to getting rolled over by the top pvpers in that battleground or possibly due to people just being toxic towards new players in general.

    This is why I am suggesting that plates and particles come from both battlegrounds. This would create more games and actually start to use the elo system on queues again. There is only a requirement of 14 players for Shore vs 40 in CS. This basically means that you can have tons of games going on IF people had incentive to queue. This would allow the new players (1000 elo range) to face each other, while the 1400+ players can have more serious games with those who advance that far.

    Another point to mention is that we have lost the BG coins from vanguard. Although a bit lackluster, we have lost the 7 daily bg coins we were getting from completing the vanguard. A revamp of the shop to many include some jackpot boxes (particle/plate) or some new rewards overall would be helpful to encourage people to play more BG's. I believe that the BG coin event just expired and needs to be turned on again, but still worth it to keep thoughts all in one place.

    Gridiron. This battleground is fast paced and offers a good alternative or a break from spamming CS. The downside is that this is time locked as well as day locked. I think its a bit absurd to have a good battleground be available only for the weekend and certain time slots. I dont really understand the logic behind it, so I would highly push BH to reconsider this and make it available every day (even if still on a time slot).

    Champion Skyring. This battleground has sadly been exploited far too much in the past, but the fact that it gives talents as the reward is even worse. It already is a fairly niche market of players and those who are queueing it simply have no rewards (between item exp/ep exp/vg/rewards). Right now it awards azure and violet TALENTS. which means it takes 10 talents for 1 particle. Not asking for a game breaking change here that can be abused, but even seeing 5 particles or something instead of talents could improve the health of 3s in the game.

    Another point worth mentioning is the unable to queue for multiple battlegrounds. Right now would be a great time to be able to queue multiple but we simply don't have that option. In the past, there was a brief time where we could queue all the battlegrounds but it seems that it has been reverted. We can queue multiple dungeons, why not battlegrounds?

    There definitely needs to be some improvement to PVP despite the obvious trend that BHS does not like PVP. It is sadly no secret but while I could at least understand in the past that PVP was not a means to get the gear for PVE, now that there is a separate gear system for PVP all together, why cant we improve the rewards? Overall, I'm looking for more feedback from active and inactive pvpers about what you think can help improve the situation so we can actually get some positive changes in the future. - Lucky, Sorcerer, NA”

    P.S this post was made 2 weeks after the initial pvp gear patch back in January or so and he managed to “call out” all the current issues we face. threea   Atmorph   Melione

  • Hello again,

    threea , Melione

    Thanks for the addition of the new jewelries materials to the Belicarim Shop.

    Why Gameforge didn't do that early, NA and RU have those changes since 3 months?!

    I expect that this will make battlegrounds (especially CS) active for a while.

    But, this will only last for a small period of time, until players get their jewelries done.

    Another concern, is that you made those changes when Wintera battleground will be unlocked, so this will make other battlegrounds not active enough.

    So again, please add a proper reward to the battlegrounds. Enough with the placebo treatment to the situation. Enough with the Elin quest. MAKE A REAL CHANGE!

    You can also add materials for PvE gear enchanting or any other useful stuff.

    You can add plate and particle boxes to bg shop

    Reducing the cost of plates and particles

    Awarding both plate and particle boxes during the bg hours to get people,to all queue one battleground

    Another reminder, please buff the PvP gear !!!!!!



  • Hello,

    Kirino EU thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

    Matrixo Please understand that some things need time to happen. We will transfer your feedback once more and as always you will be informed about any potential changes.

    Thank you all for your participation and your feedback :elin4:

  • Thank you all for your participation and your feedback

    Still waiting on Gameforge participation and feedback.

  • Melione   threea   Atmorph

    Would it be possible to add this medal to either the battleground shop and/or the daily vanguard quest for battlegrounds?

    Shore Hold/ CS / 3V3


    Add this medal as a reward for the battleground jackpot event during the respective battleground hours?