Battlegrounds Not Popping

  • Hi,

    I will speak out loud about the fact that Battlegrounds are not popping.

    And I will mention threea , since she/he is the community manager and should be the one responsible about whats going on now.

    The main reason behind that is the current events ongoing and the events that will come until the 3rd of December.

    I understand that the events are focused on the players that dont have full SkillXP,/Scrolls yet. So you are trying to give them a more easy way to gain those important, if not essential, game states. Still you are doing it the wrong way.

    On the other hand, it gives nothing for players who already acquired full SkillXP/Scrolls to do any thing. Why? because it's affecting the battlegrounds activity, so less players are doing battlegrounds now, since it's not that rewarding or since they are trying to get full SkillXP/Scrolls.

    How to correct that?

    Cancel those meaningless events and add proper rewards, including SkillXP/Scrolls, from doing battlegrounds and hard dungeons.

    Why making useless events if you can improve what you already have?

    Lets not mention the confusion about the new PvE gear and how its actually better than the PvP gear, so more people are farming the gear and no one doing battlegrounds.

    Please buff the PvP gear to be better than PvE gear in terms of PvP, as its obviously supposed to be.

    Currently, battlegrounds pop when:

    - Shore Hold pops when we make a raid of 14 players, begging everyone to join that raid, once we make sure we have 2 healers and 12 DDs we disband and Q (I was doing that for 1 month so far, but why should me as a player make a battleground pop?)

    - 3v3 pops when there are 2 healers in Q, it's easy to get DDs.

    - Battlegrounds pops when there is an Elin Event.

    - CS rarely pops nowadays.

    Please notice that, if Corsair Stronghold (CS) don't pop, players will not be able to gear up in order to do Shore Hold (SH), cause they will get kicked if they have gear less than +6.

    I expect that battlegrounds will not pop until 3-December-2019 (Time when the last useless event ends)

    Please stop doing those kind of events, and increase the reward of what u already have.



  • Some regions have Radiant jewels mats in the Bellicarium shop already, why won't we get it aswell?

    + new gear should be fixed. There is no balance between PvE and PvP gear. (would be also great if PvE gear will be not usable in the CU zone)

  • Might aswell put Feedstock and repair mats into BG Shop. That way you will get a lot more players that want to actively play PvP aswell.

    Worst patch in the history of tera - I'm done with this game until they revamp a lot of stuff.

  • The situation for PvP players is getting worse day after day. When they released the exodor update, they really didn’t think even once about PvP.

    Players doing PvE have an unfair advantage over PvP players when queuing shore hold since their new gear is much better than the PvP gear we have. For some reasons shore hold but also corsair still only drop mats for an outdated gear that no one should make.

    There are different ways to fix this situation though. Shore hold could be made equalized or the PvP gear could get buffed.

  • My little suggestion is that you increase the Gold you get from the vanguard to atleast 35k. Nowdays this amount of money is nothing but it would certanly help to compansate this expensive (in terms of gold) gamestate.

  • Also, I think there is also an Civil Unrest problem. The CU system is so trash and I dont speak only about the new map, I speak about the rewards. There is almost no competition, a lot of players tend to leave their guilds in order to join the biggest guild or bigger guilds in general, because there are almost no rewards for rank 5-10(I don´t know about rank 2-4, maybe its the same. Imagine if there would be decent rewards for top 1-10 at least, in CU, there woudl be more beginner guilds who would try to recruit and get better in order to participate in CU and the competition would be better.

  • queing bgs should never be only about fighting rng +9 enchants

    +9 should be as easy as +0 to +6 and main rewards should be cosmetics, season reset rewards, gold and maybe pve mats

    and to make playing bgs itself more fun we can look what pve does and what pvp used to do...

    group que with friends

  • All we need is jackpot times with feedstock as reward, some days for armor others for weapon. Bgs will get really active quickly with every player not just pvp ones. But i guess it's not profitable to have a happy community according to gf.

  • It's ridiculously easy to revive battlegrounds, there are enough players willing to queue but have better things to do since all of the current rewards are not worth it. For example adding radiant jewelry mats in battleground shop for like 20k credits each would already revive all bgs. There have been countless of threads getting tons of support over the past months, yet there has been 0 action from Gameforge' side.

    So my question for threea : what actions have you taken after all of these PvP threads on forum? What's limiting you and the gameforge team to fulfill small improvements to the PvP situation?

  • Pvpers left the game thats why its not popping anymore.If u want a solution,you can keep sreaming because solution is "more player".Current players are leaving,newcomers are playing 1-2 week and all they see are "complicated game" and figuring out p2w process then leave.

    There are still pvpers but the population is not enough for battlegrounds.Current pvpers are busy with enchanting.Downgrade makes them cancer.Full +9 guy can 1 shot +6 guy.And many other reasons...

    And dont beg threea she/he already said they dont give a fek about pvp anymore in other thread.

  • bgs dead cause players got demotivated

    demotivated because cant que with friends or friends quit

    friends felt that way cause there is no point to the game

    no point cause rewards and endgame pvp are nonexistent

    endgame pvp that you gear up for isn't pk, or competitive bgs it's aborted barely stitched together mess of bloody rotten tissue that is "civil unrest"

    i remember when guilds had castles, gvg had a win condition and scan, alliance had ppl excited for sundays, bgs had competition with rankings and guilds had a purpose for pvp players for either asking for pt q, alliance pk, vo pk or sometimes gvg.

    none of those things were perfect ofcourse but they were better than what we have now or rather dont have anymore.... those things needed tweaks and small updates overtime to keep them relevant

    because if you don't keep things relevant it dies unless its mostly player created fun like pk.

    pk was same system since beta just with penalty of lowlvls removed and ppl still miss it with its old state