Demotivation wherever you look

  • Forgot to add: i dont blame gameforge they are doing the best with what they have. They can't change the patch. They can only change events that are in game and that's not enough to make ppl stay.

    Gameforge can actually do a lot more than they are doing now.

    Look at RU, they have/did have in the past:

    - 225% increased drop rate on Exodor <-> 50% on EU (Apparently you can farm 400 tokens for e.g a belt in a couple of hours)

    - Halidom/Relic enchant event (almost all end game players have double Tier 5)

    - Dedicated PVP zone (IoD)

    and probably a lot more.

  • What i meant was, you get those events-get gear... What will you do with it? There is no high tier actually hard dungeon.

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  • ofc they can, they arent slaves to what BHS implements, they have their own tools, otherwise the few extreme runs we got wouldnt be a thing.

    these same tools also give them some flexibility on how ot change specific drops + EU has their own unique valve for this: the marks of valor, they could use them ot great effect to mitigate the problem butthey choose not too either due ot being lazy/greedy or pressure from BHS/other region's publishers to not overbuff the region(they had this happen before with the earlier versions of League of levelers, where BHS was not happy with the idea of giving FM/Imperator/Ambush to new characters).

  • Just wanna point out that the card system itself is useless concidering u can only use 2 cards untill u collected a total of idno 200 diffrent cards, then you can use maybe 3?

    I love tera and played it since forever,
    im sorta addicted maybe my time has come *insert nemo turtle meme*

    Reason tera gets worse is because of lazy developers.
    They dont even release what could be concidered a new dungeon "AQ is only recolored manayas core featureing AAHM and RRHM bosses :)
    The gear revamp system is just a system from 2013 so its not even new neither.

    they tried to make game easier for new players and then decide to implement some random "physical and magical amplifiers"
    I doupt more than 5% of the community knows how much the amplifiers actually affects your combat power.
    (cards made things even more complicated)

    Atleast give us 2 new dungeons like back in the days. with new intresting bosses and decent mechanics.

    i wouldt even mind more Single boss dungeons like Bahaar and Harrowhold.
    the first 2 bosses feels useless in general in all dungeons

    due to horrible drops...

    how about we add some rare drops to all bosses?...
    imagine a diamond or a few emeralds dropping?
    or maybe even a pet? on a first boss?....


  • Tera Club Mount Bugged Nothing Happens....
    1.5Dragon Passive dissapears for several reasons nothing happens....
    Vanguards not available for an Hour during night nothing happens....
    Tera Club Bar dissapears during night nothing happens....
    Game is unplayable and crazy unrewarding even if u grind for hours every day and people quit/stop playing the game left and right nothing happens....

    We get more Tera Club Supplies (Box) than intended INSTANTLY Fixed......

    How are u guys at Gameforge not fired yet oh wait because u dont care about the community and the people that make ur wage possible at the end of the Month.

  • How are u guys at Gameforge not fired yet oh wait because u dont care about the community and the people that make ur wage possible at the end of the Month.

    Well, when I log in mystel every day, i see the same few guys in the server message gettin some stuff out of cash boxes. The last 2 weeks everyone of them spend thousands of Euros to Tera Shop just to get their gear to 15. They dont care it's just useless while the gameforge staff driving new cars. And I can only figure out this in my 2h online time a day. What happen in the other 22h?

  • They get payed to not care :thumbsup:

  • Actually whole company is problem.They are not getting responsibility.Feel free to check the company situation on internet.There are many negative comments about gameforge.The game doesnt matter.Aion have same issue and thr rest of the games have same issues too.Community managers are fail cause they are not communicating with us.Tickets are full of auto reply.So basically bhs = trash gameforge + trash

    trash + trash = more trash.

    I bet most of the people will skip trying their new holy mmo AIR.It will be p2w and rng based like in tera and aion.

  • Community manger at gamfeorge seems like a dream job to me, you get paid for not communicating with community.

    Where i can sign in?

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    For forum: (1)I don't PvP nor I refer to PvP unless I specify differently(2)I don't aim to the best gear nor I plan to challenge the hardest instances in the game, I'm a relaxed player, get it?
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    (Testing Stuff,Don't Ask :ninja: )

  • Well, sometimes there's an itching that want's me to return. When this happens, I am taking a look at this forum and .....tadaaaaaa..... itching gone.

    Thx for curing me

  • Well, I haven't played in a long time so I logged back in to everything and bought the Tera Club for a month (because from what I remembered it was sort of necessary to have that).

    I had a technical issue so I made a support ticket. I got a response 20 minutes later.

    I replied, and another tech answered my reply 5 minutes after that.

    So, of course I do not know how it has been in the previous months, but from my perspective of coming back for a bit after a long absence, I'd say it was pretty smooth so far...

  • played 2 years non-stop.then left because my guild mates pissed off with +15 and so much rng and elss materials.and they decided to play in NA because of more drop rate and easy to obtain some of hard items here.checked the game time to time druing pvp events period for remembering old days.then decided to leave after 1 week.tried NA,and left there because of ping.

    Returned with Classic Server hype which is fail cause its not classic it's vm3 lol.Whatever i started to play,hit t60 level and got so much fun in bg's etc.Then moved current tera.Played 2-3 months for pvp.Level 70 patch came EU and i left again.halidoms,relics,much more rng,much more luck,downgrade at pvp gear and pissed off with wasting 3k violet plates for +6 gear lol.And i left again.The only thing can make me play this game is "classic vm1 server" or Another publisher which is caring their players and have enough power to push BHS developers.

    Im sick of tired "we forwarded your feedback" sentence by community managers.Current CM said "pvp side of the game already dead".Just lol.he/she is our voice in gameforge but he/she doesnt care about pvp.Anyway,after some years,coming can make u feel good but after 5-6 days u will see how p2w this game is.

    Ah btw,if they can make classic permanent server,i bet there are hundreds maybe thousand of people are waiting for it and it will be more crowded than current rng fest servers.

  • Unfortunatly, I am not sure if this would be the case. There lost a lot of players due to the recent patches. Patch after patch made it worse and less people played the game. Currently, we are at a state in whcih people are quitting the game but it does not matter. The problem is that if there is one player that invests into the game to +15 his gear then his value is more then 100 players that do not invest. As you can see there are alot of players that cry that the patch is shit (tbh patch is shit) but they spend their money to still play it. This results in the situation that for the company the game state is fine because the amount of money they earn is even better and they get rid of players that do not spend money on the game.

    TLTR: Get more money and get rid of those that do not produce money for you is pretty nice for a company.

    Btw if someone did not understand that sarcasm: It is a really bad to think like that.

  • Additional information

    • With the maintenance today, "XIGNCODE" was accidentally added to our version.
    • This was not intended and we have no intention to add it in TERA Europe.
    • The files are present but they have no functionality (they are not activated) and will be removed as soon as possible.