Thanks Tera Team and Gameforge

  • Well in the last 7 years i did play Tera and other games published by Gameforge I remember 5 years ago i started Some movement with the word Over in it i had nothing but hate toward Gameforge Back then , after that i quit the game for years then i reinstalled the game about 3 months ago made a new char started all over again game was kind of the same but what changed was Gameforge and How it Treats its Players i don't know if this is a trap or something but one thing for sure Gameforge Tera did improve Thanks .

    PS Sorry For My Bad English

  • I'm cautiously optimistic about Gameforge, they sometimes do nice things and events.

    And stuff like the server merge certainly helped.

    DarKNovA on Mystel

    Darknovamoon - Zerk 459

    Brightnovamoon - Zerk 451

    Darknovafer - Reaper 450
    Darknovael - Reaper 445
    Darknovasun - Slayer 455
    Darknovako - Warrior 452

    Brightnovako - Warrior 445

    Darknovangel - Mystic 441

    Darknovaurora - Priest 441

    Dark.Nova - Ninja 450
    Darknova - Brawler 454
    Darknovafist - Brawler 441

    Darknovastar - Sorceress 450

    Darknovapie - Sorceress 442
    Darknovamark - Archer 450
    Darknovasteel - Lancer 441
    Darknovalkyrie - Valkyrie 442

  • Sometimes they do good events doesnt mean they are doing okish in Tera.They made everything worst than before and little good updates makes you happy.Thats all i can say.

    Its like,you have a 20 piece of chocolate,cant stop eating and having fun.Then 1 guy comes and take everything you have.When u start crying he gives u 1 piece of chocolate.The reality is u already lost your chocolate and learning how to be happy with 1 piece when the guy have a chance to give 10-20 pieces back.

    Hope u get whay i mean.